Wirral Trams

Last weekend, on Saturday, there was a special event to celebrate 20 years of The Wirral Transport Museum & Heritage Tramway. We like riding in restored old trams, so we went back to Wirral for the day.

01 Wirral trams

We parked near the museum, quite convenient. We’ve missed the first tram, but we arrived in time for the second one. A return is only £2 for an adult, I think it should be a little more, as they are using the money for the museum.

02 Wirral trams

The tram looks stunning.

03 Wirral trams

04 Wirral trams

05 Wirral trams

06 Wirral trams

07 Wirral trams

There is only a short drive to Woodside Ferry, so we got there in less than 10 minutes.

08 Wirral trams

09 Wirral trams

As we could return with any other tram, we’ve decided to have lunch at Home Coffee.

11 Wirral trams

This is the view from their second floor, lovely, isn’t it?

10 Wirral trams

After we’ve browsed through the menu, we ordered the Eggs Florentine and Mushroom Rarebit. Hubby went for the vegetarian option and so we were able to share.

12 Wirral trams

The eggs Florentine were delicious, still runny, the spinach was fresh and kept a bite to it. Loved it.

13 Wirral trams

The rarebit was delicious, the mushroom was cooked nicely.

We had dessert too, I had the Coffee and Walnut cake and hubby had the Sticky Toffee cake. Mine was perfect, not too sweet, moist and I could taste the coffee. Hubby’s cake was a little on the sweet side, but it was a sticky toffee, so it was expected.
As soon as we’ve received the plates we’ve started eating and then I realized I had no pictures. So hubby took one of the cake counter before leaving.

It was a lovely meal, the service was good, the food very nice and it is affordable. I would recommend Home, this is why I mentioned them.

14 Wirral trams

The tram arrived in little under 10 minutes and it was a different one. It was one we’ve been with before.

15 Wirral trams

It was quite busy, as you can see.

16 Wirral trams

This is the sight from the tram.

17 Wirral trams

18 Wirral trams

19 Wirral trams

20 Wirral trams

21 Wirral trams

This was our trip to the Wirral Trams. We’ve already visited the Museum, so I didn’t take any pictures inside. Before leaving, we went to photograph Egerton Bridge. We’ve passed on it so many times, but never stopped to take some pictures.

22 Wirral trams

23 Wirral trams

24 Wirral trams

Our day continued with a trip to The Birkenhead Priory, but that is another post. The tower that was in refurbishment 3 years ago is now open.

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  1. This is SO cool! I went on an old fashioned tram when I visited Beamish last year but for about 2 minutes so I am very envious, it looks amazing! That is one clever photo of you and hubby in the sun glasses!x

  2. I had no idea this place existed. I knew there use to be trams in the city centre, but it’s so cool that they have a museum about them over on the Wirral. I’d quite like to visit sometime.

    The view looks great from the other side of the river!

    1. It is nice and in the weekend there is an restored tram from the Ferry to the Museum. I’ve read on the Council’s website that Birkenhead was the first town with a street tram in Europe. It’s quite impressive 🙂

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