August 2023

I am going to Oxford! I will do a MSt in European History, starting in October. I wrote about the process that started last summer in a post, if you are curious to read in detail. Obviously, I am very happy. I chose a topic that will not be surprising to my regular readers – […]

Manchester Pride

I wanted to go to a Pride Parade for years, but I keep seeing them after they happen. Last year or two years ago we got to Manchester for lunch exactly after the parade was over and we only saw people with flags around. Finally, this year I saw that the parade will be during […]

Travel in Style

Travel in Style

Travel in Style – Iconic Cunard Advertising in the 1920s and 1930s – is a special exhibition, available until December 2023. It is free to visit at Victoria Gallery & Museum, University of Liverpool. I shared a lot of pictures from the exhibition. It is a must if you are in Liverpool and have an […]

My new vatnik

Handmade Vatnik

I am so excited to show you my latest purchase from etsy! I mentioned in the post about the MSt at Oxford I am going to start this October, that I will be researching Holodomor, as it was seen by the British media. During the Cold War, the term tankie was used for Western supporters […]

London Mithraeum

London Mithraeum

London Mithraeum is a really interesting find in London. It’s free, close to the Bank tube station, but not one visitors usually go to. While popular, I imagine most of the visitors are Londoners. It is an old Roman temple, dedicated to Mithras. It was discovered in the 1950s and now is beneath Bloomberg’s European […]

Oriel College

MSt at Oxford

When I wrote about my graduation at KCL I had no idea that I will write about my Masters’ so soon after. I was waiting for the final confirmation before sharing the news, which happened last week. I am going to do a MSt in European History at Oxford. It had only a few places […]


Graduating King’s College London

In May I talked about my experience at KCL and that I finished my studies. Today I will talk about graduating King’s College London with BA (Hons) in History, achieving First Class. My grades should have been released in mid to late May, with the results being delayed due to the marking boycott. As I […]