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Camping trip

This weekend we’ve been camping, taking advantage of the bank holiday and we had some things to do there anyway. I found a nice camping site near Ascot, less than an hour from London (commuter’s dream 😀 😀 ).



I’m very happy with our new tent. We had another one, but that one was smaller and it didn’t have all the features this one does. The living room is 2m high and it has a carpet. The bedroom is big too. Also, it has a velcro for towels, windows, toiletries rack, a special zip for getting the lighting into the tent without having to stay with the door opened.


We’ve also got a new camping table. It’s foldable and it has 2 storage compartments underneath. It was really handy.


Why camping? I love sleeping outside or as outside as it can be. I love waking up to the sound of birds singing, drinking tea/coffee while watching the squirrels having breakfast. The camping site we’ve been to had a lake and the wildlife was amazing. We saw a lot of birds, but even bats at dusk.

This swan was nesting, a few meters from the driveway to the camping site. We saw her every time we’ve left and entered the site.




Festus enjoyed this trip too. Love this picture of him.




As I said, we had to work too. It was a little strange to get out of the tent in 4 inch heels, but it was fun too.


I can’t wait to go in another camping trip, Anglesey is next on my list. Until then, I’ll post more pictures from this trip… in London and 2 very interesting and unusual places.