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I want to start this post by thanking all my readers for their support. I appreciate so much that all of you are taking the time to read my posts. Of course, I should give an extra thanks to the ones that leave comments, as they are always nice and they bring on a smile when I read them. Thank you!

Another year has passed and what a year it was for me. I will make a round-up in a couple of days, because I want to remember all those amazing things that happened. This post is about this month, which was very busy, starting on the 1st, with a women’s football match in Manchester, between Man United and Liverpool, which ended with a 1-0 for Man.

Pre match pies

Since I found out we have tickets to the game I wanted to try the vegetarian pie I assumed they had at the match. So, we made sure we arrived early to the match, so we could get some pies. I loved it! The chickpea pie was delicious, much better than expected.

football match

The match was very good too. I recognized a couple of players, to my husband’s surprise. It was really nice and I would like to go to a football match between men teams, as I imagine that is much more intense. Also… I would love to have some pie again.

This month we went to a basketball match which was disappointing, again for the first time. There were lots of children and when the opposing team would try to score they were making a lot of noise, to distract the athlete. Not exactly the fair play I was expecting with such an audience. Surprisingly it was much more noisy than football. I doubt I would go again to a basketball match.

Merry go round

Another thing I tried for the first time, as an adult, was the Merry-go-round. I used to love it as a child, so it was lovely to do this again. It was at Blenheim Palace, as part of their Christmas celebrations, as it was the Alice in Wonderland exhibition. If you’ve missed it, the link is in the details of the collage.

Scalextric car races

Racing Scalextric cars was another first this month. These cars are much harder to race than I was expecting. I’ve enjoyed them.

As one can imagine, Christmas and the advent was a big part of this month, from buying gifts to actually opening them on the day. For advent I had a huge Body Shop cosmetics calendar and I loved it. I’m such a big fan of their cosmetics, that I got some a few days before the start of the advent, my husband bought a set for me, and I still bought a few more items on their Boxing day sale afterwards. I will use all of them, so nothing is going to waste.

In the last couple of years thought, our advent was different, with cards mentioning a game, a drink, and a dessert. This year I didn’t make it and, instead, we’ve decided what to drink and if we are going to have something on our own. We also played a game each evening. From those games, one stood out, twice, Scrabble. For the first time because we managed to have the same score, 242, and for the second one because we’ve decided to play with words, regardless if they were in English or Romanian. As we were playing, I asked my husband if he minds if I add an word in yet another language and he said no. So, by the end of the game, I’ve put on the table mainly words from English and Romanian, but also French, Italian, and Latin (just a simple aqua as I wasn’t able to place veritas anywhere on the table). My husband was a bit more conservative with only French, besides the first two. Playing Scrabble like this is much more entertaining and it is how we are going to play between us.


1. We went to watch the Manchester City vs Liverpool game and we had a delicious pie before the start of the game. 2. Advent calendar. 3. Chinese bakery. 4. Alice in Wonderland. 5. Christmas tree. 6. Oxford cake for the end of term do. 7. Gifts for Festus. 8. Basketball game. 9. Cat Cafe, Liverpool. 10. Plum crumble with mulled wine custard, recipe on CookStyle. 11. Knowsley Safari Park, in December. 12. Cosy time with Festus. He likes to observe us closely when we play board games, join in the fun. 13. Scalextric cars races, a lot of fun. 14. Gorgeous desserts at the Vegan Fair in Manchester. 15. Day out in Liverpool. 16. Upside down house in Manchester. 17. Pumpkin strudel. 18. My husband and I had the same score at Scrabble. It’s the first time this happens. 19. Festus needed his fur blown dry after the early morning walk. 20. Festus and I, on the floor, relaxing. 21. We are enjoying the Christmas time, with games. 22. Festus with his new tartan blanket, on his 10th gotcha day. 23. An unexpected heart in the coffee. 24. Loving the advent calendar. 25. Christmas. 26. More cake on Boxing day. 27. Cat cafe. 28. Festus enjoying his little fort, or the table with a table cloth on it. 29. My mug for the last few days. It says: Merry Christmas inside. 30. I took a picture for the book blog and I loved how it looked. 31. Happy New Year!

collage of books

In December I read 8 books, reaching a total of 88 books this year. Amazingly, all the books got 5 stars from me, I’m not sure if this has happened before. I reviewed most of them on Coffee&Books, a couple of them will be reviewed early next year. I will share a round-up with some stats if you are curious on the blog.

Books I’ve read in December:
Images of Rule by David J. Howarth – 5 stars
30-Second Elements by Eric Scerri – 5 stars
Sovereign by C. J. Sansom – 5 stars
Revelation by C. J. Sansom – 5 stars
The Ascendancy of Europe by Matthew Anderson – 5 stars
Heartstone by C. J. Sansom – 5 stars
A Runaway Bride for the Highlander by Elisabeth Hobbes – 5 stars
Shakespeare’s London by Stephen Porter – 5 stars

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  1. Ooh, you had a great month! I would like to see a premiere league women’s team- we watched the Women’s world cup on TV and I really enjoyed it- I usually hate football!

  2. Scrabble in different languages sounds so fun! Well done for putting in a little bit of Latin.
    Merry-go-rounds are the best, whenever I have the opportunity to go on one I do it. Some children games are always great for adults, haha! 🙂

    Julia x

  3. I bet adding several languages into a single game of Scrabble makes it all the more challenging! I love to play, but have only played in English using a real Scrabble board. My daughter played in Spanish when she was studying in Guatemala. I’ve attempted a few games in Spanish using World With Friends on my phone.

    I was glad to see Festus feature in several of your collage photos. 🙂

    1. It was easier because with few letters, words from different languages just pop up, and I don’t have to wait for a second “l” or something.
      Festus did made a lot of appearances last month, that’s true. 🙂

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