Hadrian’s Wall

In the short holiday we had last week, we went to Hadrian’s Wall. We found a lovely camping site nearby and walked for miles each day. On our way back home we were talking about how many more things are to see around Hadrian’s Wall. Although, just walking along it is fab, there are amazing […]

Lanercost Priory

The Lanercost Priory is an 12th century church that was built with stones from Hadrian’s Wall. We got there while we were on our way to the wall. Hadrian’s Wall was the main thing we wanted to visit and considering its size, we knew it wasn’t possible to see it in a couple of days. […]

Portobello Market

This week I’ve been to London and I went to Portobello Market. I saw many posts about it and it looked fab, so I was curious to see how it is. It was a weekday, so it wasn’t packed with sellers, but even so it was really interesting. The Portobello Road Markets started in the […]

Baking along The Great British Bake Off

Today the wait is finally over and the Great British Bake Off starts again. As last year, I will bake along each week at least one of the challenges. This is cake week and I’ve baked a Classic Victoria sponge (recipe on my food blog). The name of the cake comes from Queen Victoria, obviously. […]

Osprey Project and Dodd Woods

I heard about the Osprey Project at Countryfile and I wanted to see the birds. The day we’ve been there it was foggy, but we both managed to see them. We parked at Dodd Wood carpark and we climbed to the first viewing point. The live CCTV coverage of the nest wasn’t available anymore, as […]

Pawsome box

I was asked if I want to review a Pawsomebox, a box filled with goodies for Festus, my dog. Who can resist that?! I get so excited when it comes to doggy accessories and toys, almost as much as him. First of all, I love the name of the box: Pawsome, it’s funny. If you […]

Shap Abbey

Only a few minutes from the campsite we’ve been to last month, was Shap Abbey. It’s managed by the English Heritage, it has free entry and free parking nearby. The abbey looks beautiful and the views are stunning. There aren’t a lot of information boards, but they are doing restoration works, so more boards might […]

25 Questions Food Tag

I’ve read the 25 Questions Food Tag on Llinos’s blog thelilaclinnet and I had to answer the questions… it’s about food! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you might have noticed my love for cooking (hence CookStyle). I talk about baking along the Bake Off, Taste the World challenge and how much […]


Penrith is a small market town in Cumbria with an impressive amount of tourist attractions and historical places. Penrith Castle sets in a beautiful park. It was built at the end of the 14th century. The location of the castle was not the highest point, but a former Roman fort site and a part of […]

Good things

I don’t think that it comes as a surprise, but 3 of my good things are related to food. These days I was annoyed with a few things. I am working on getting past them, but I’m annoyed I was annoyed by them. On top of that, I saw some nasty comments on twitter because […]