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Cavern Club

I love pubs. I can’t live in UK and not love pubs, can I? I also never been to Cavern Club before! Considering I’ve been living in Liverpool and the Wirral for the last 5 years, that was quite puzzling. For my first pub in the pub of the month series, I wondered if I should start with Cavern or with the pub we love and to which we went to for many times, a pub never mentioned before on my blog, not sure why. As you can see, we’ve decided to go to Cavern Club, on a Friday night, late last month. On 16th January Cavern’s celebrated its 60th anniversary and that was another reason to pick them.

01 Cavern Club

We got there and, as usual, people were taking pictures of the pub, the club, the statues in front of them. You might know that this is where The Beatles played 292 gigs in the early 60s. The Club had a tumultuous history, but now it has the same principles as the ones they had when it was started: fun atmosphere and live music every day from mid-afternoon until late.

02 Cavern Club

As part of the 60th anniversary celebrations, the statue of Cilla Black was unveiled at the Cavern. She worked as a cloakroom attendant at the club in the 60s.

03 Cavern Club

It was quite early when we got to the Club, around 6pm. Even so, the Club was packed and everybody was having a great time. I really enjoyed the music, it was better than I’ve anticipated. This part of the Club is reproduced in the Beatles Museum, only a short walk from the Club.

04 Cavern Club

The prices for drinks are really great and the staff is friendly. I have only positives to say about the Club. People were dancing, singing along and it was a relaxed and wonderful atmosphere. We both enjoyed it so much we said we are going to make it a monthly thing or so.

05 Cavern Club

I was able to take only a handful of pictures, as it was very busy and I didn’t want to disturb the other clients.

cavern club

Cavern Club

Have you been to the Cavern Club?

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  1. I’ve not been but it looks very atmospheric! I did a gig with my Balinese Gamelan group in a club called Shunt under the arches at London Bridge Station and it went on for miles and was amazing so it reminds me of that!!

  2. I would love to go here, it’s so iconic! Plus it’s nice to go to a pub sometimes rather than a bar – I think they’re more relaxed x

  3. I can’t and don’t like alcohol but I’d love to visit a pub because it seems awesome 😀

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