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23 Questions

I have 46 questions left on the 365 Provoking Questions Challenge. I’ve decided to split them in two, therefore to 23 I’m going to answer today and the rest next month. Let’s start.

1. What good comes from suffering?
Maybe a few lessons, if the person suffering has the ability and the willingness to learn.

2. What are you uncertain about?
Well, things that most people are uncertain I would think. For example the future, what can happen with North Korea, what opportunities I will find (work related), if the neighbours will still be here next year and not very noisy new ones.

3. How would you spend your ideal day?
Playing with the dog, going somewhere with my husband to visit something we haven’t seen before, having a lovely meal and some drinks.

4. What do you admire most about your mother and father?
I admire my monther’s strength.

5. What is your most striking physical attribute?
I would say my eyes.

6. Who would you like to forgive?
Nobody. I’ve read the Forgiveness Project, a book with stories of people that forgave other people, even in extreme circumstances (like the killer of a loved one). I don’t think I need to forgive someone to move on. I can understand why things happened, not all people are nice and even nice people can be bad. If I understand the context, I don’t need anything else. The whole world would have to change to change the context and that is impossible.

7. Who depends on you?
My dog.

8. Are you happy with where you are in your life?  Why?
I am. I am free, I have opportunities, I have hobbies and a home I love. I’m married with the best man I ever met and I’ve been married to him for the last 10 years. I have a dog that loves us and makes us smile and laugh many times each day. I have a job I love and I work from home.

9. How many hours of television do you watch in a week?  A month?  A year?
I watch around 3-4 hours each day, maybe more. We both work from home and we watch a TV show or a documentary when we eat. I also listen to the news if I’m working on something that allows me to pay attention to the TV too.

I don’t think is a wasted time as I don’t watch reality shows, besides The Apprentice. The latest TV shows we watched were Gunpowder and Elizabeth I’s Secret Agents. I also enjoy the Great Canal Journeys. We also watch television in the evening, with the dog sleeping (or watching if is something with animals or cartoons) at our feet. It’s a nice way of relaxing.

10. What do you like most about your job?  What do you dislike most about your job?
I like the excitement of creating something new. I like to learn new things. I dislike having to do the boring stuff.

11. What’s something new you recently learned about yourself?

12. What makes you feel secure?
My family, my home, living in a free country.

13. What is your favorite sound?
The sound of birds in the morning.

14. What is your favorite smell?
Freshly baked bread.

15. What music do you listen to lift your spirits when you’re feeling down?
The music I used to listen as a teenager: Nirvana, Linkin Park, Mettalica, Depeche Mode.

16. What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?
I don’t remember, most likely the dog or something my husband said.

17. What are some recent compliments you’ve received?
When I was looking for an eye cream, a lady said the one she is recommending me is for women over 20. It was nice to think she wasn’t sure I was, in fact, over 30.

18. When was your first impression of someone totally wrong?
To get a “totally wrong” conclusion, someone has to make some assumptions to begin with. I try not to assume anything. I can like or dislike a person, but that is it.

19. What do you love to do?
Cooking, playing with my dog, laughing with my husband, working at a new project, blogging, reading books, F1, visiting new places, walking, trying something new. Quite a lot.

20. What specific character trait do you want to be known for?
None. People will remember what is more important for them, so why bother trying to be remember for something specific.

21. Are you more like your mom or your dad?  In what way?
Neither. I have traits from both of them, but I’m also different in many ways.

22. What is the number one quality that makes someone a good leader?
Depends on the situation. For politics, for example, it can be charisma, especially after the recent elections. That doesn’t mean the person is actually the best leader for that country.

23. What is your favorite place on Earth?
My home. Even if we would sell the house we live in tomorrow and we would move in another house, that would be my favourite place on Earth. I think we all need a base, somewhere where are safe and free and for me, my home is just that.

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  1. What an interesting set of questions and I found your answers interesting. I completelyagree with you about where home is.

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