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Lytham Hall

Lytham Hall was the last place I’ve been to for Heritage Open Days this year. I shared lots of pictures, so please enjoy. The burger we had for lunch was vegan, which was awesome.

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  1. I want that bathroom! Your photos, as always, are lovely. I especially like the one with the mirror and the statue. It looks like a glorious place to visit!

  2. What a beautifully-decorated manor house! It looks so cosy I would love to live there haha. It’s great that more places offer vegan food options for their visitors too! Thank you for sharing Anca! 🙂

    Julia x

  3. There are some lovely rooms in that home. It looks like you had a beautiful day for your visit. Is that “bookish” wallpaper in that final photo? Is the room a study of sorts, or a sitting room? Hopefully not the library!

    The burger looks very tasty.

    1. No, it’s not the library 🙂 It’s the decor in the cafe/restaurant. I don’t know the initial purpose of the room, it was part of the house anyway.

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