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My home decorated for Christmas

I finished decorating the house a couple of days ago, but only today I asked hubby to take some pictures. So, here is my home, decorated for Christmas.

01 My home decorated for Christmas

Hubby and I bought this tree a few years ago and we are still using it. I like it a lot, it looks like in the first year and between holidays is stored in the attic. I’ve added some tinsel on the fireplace for decor. As hubby took the pictures an hour ago, I had to close the blinds. If you read my blog, you might remember my dilemma with blinds or curtains? Well, last month we finally decided to get blackout blinds from Ikea, one of the options we were considering at that time. So that problem is solved now and I’m happy with it.

03 My home decorated for Christmas

I got a glass bowl that I want to decorate every month or so. I want to make it in accordance with current celebrations or season. So now I just filled it with a piece of tinsel, a branch and a bauble. I think it looks cute.

02 My home decorated for Christmas
04 My home decorated for Christmas

As our fireplace is a modern one we have issues with how we arrange our stockings. Last year I put them on top, pictures here. But this year I had the amazing idea to put them on the staircase. As hubby and I used scotch tape, we will not put any gifts in them, but I think they look fab, so it was a great idea.

05 My home decorated for Christmas

I wanted to have a heavy and luxurious looking tree branch type of garland on the handrail. But we have a dog and neither of us were sure he will not play with it as we let him play with branches in the park. The easy thing to do was to stick some tinsel and see how it goes. I have to admit I love how it looks and as our stairs aren’t very large I think it looks better like this.

Have you decorated your home yet?

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  1. Aw, your home looks lovely, Anca!! So cozy and festive. I love the purple baubles on the tree. It’s great that you have a tree that you use again, I think everyone should do that instead of buying live tress every year. My family doesn’t technically celebrate Christmas at home but I still like to and I’ve been decorating a little and I’ve been buying presents 🙂 x

  2. Ohh it’s lovely! I really like how modern and white your house is. My rented dump is so old fashioned downstairs!

    Corinne x

  3. Your home looks lovely! I like your Christmas tree – especially the purple baubles! 🙂 Great idea to hang the stockings on the stairs.

  4. How pretty! I love your fireplace. Definitely makes the room feel warm and cozy.

    I really like the stockings on the stairs. I feel like it gives the whole home a more festive spirit than how you had done it last year. My mom always nails them in so that she can put gifts inside, but then there are holes the rest of the year. She doesn’t care too much, though. 😛

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