October Roundup

October was a really amazing month, with a holiday in Cornwall, a lot of baking, as I’ve continued baking along the Bake Off. Do check the posts about the holiday in Cornwall if you are curious, there are a few more posts about it to come next month. As always, our holiday was fast-pace, packed […]

Lizard Point

Lizard Point and Kynance Cove

Lizard Point and Kynance Cove look incredibly different, despite being very close to each other. Both are also very close to Gunwalloe. Both places are owned and managed by National Trust. All the pictures were taken on the same day, at approximately 1 hour from each other. It’s quite incredible how much difference a bit […]

Hitler at The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic

The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic

One of the places we visited in our trip to Cornwall was The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? I saw their museumofwitchcraftandmagic.co.uk and I was intrigued. What kind of things can be on display at the museum of magic? I’m glad we did visit it. It was very interesting, I even […]

Christmas Press Day Metquarter

Christmas Press Day Metquarter

I was invited at the Christmas Press Day organized by Metquarter. This year they’ve decided to have a breakfast press day at a lovely restaurant, The Vincent Cafe. It was a great choice. It was the first time I’ve been to the Vincent Cafe and I loved the decor. We’ve had a lovely time, that […]



Gunwalloe is a lovely place on the Cornish coast, boasting dunes, beaches, and a medieval church. The place is lovely. It was gorgeous on a warm but not very sunny October day, I can only imagine how wonderful it must be on a very warm and sunny June/July day. This is a stunning place to […]

Tintagel Castle

Tintagel. The Old Post Office, Cliffs, and Church

Today I’m going to talk about Tintagel. It is a lovely little village in Cornwall. Amazingly, despite its small size, it has a lot of interesting things on offer for tourists. There is the Old Post Office, the cliffs, and a lovely church, also there is a castle managed by English Heritage. The castle is […]

Festus in the Camping site

Festus on Holiday

You might read “Festus on Holiday” and wonder if the family pet should have a holiday. I think he needs a holiday. At home Festus “has” to guard the house from all sorts of dangers, like the postman who keeps coming a few times each week. That is a job and a pretty demanding one, […]

Sunset on the Cornish Coast

Sunset on the Cornish Coast

The first post from my holiday is a picture heavy article with the sunset on the Cornish Coast. I took all these pictures with my phone. The pathway is easily accessible from the camping site we’ve stayed at, so we took advantage to go on a late walk, so see the sunset. I wouldn’t recommend […]

My thoughts on The Apprentice

I imagine it would be interesting to talk about my thoughts on The Apprentice now, when three years ago I said it was my favourite TV show. A couple of years ago I went to the Bridge cafe, one of the cafes where the loosing team goes to talk. the picture is from three years […]

A Lab of One's Own by Patricia Fara

3 Books You Should Read

I thought I should make a post with 3 Books You Should Read, because I’ve read two very interesting books recently and I bought a new one last week. All three books sound very interesting and were published this year. If you’ve read my post about the kind of books I prefer from a few […]