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365 Project – March

March was an amazing month. I received lovely gifts for 1st of March (martisor), Woman’s Day and Easter. I’ve been to Birmingham for lots of interesting shows like Crufts, Hobby craft and Cake International and Gadget Show Live (yesterday). I’ve also went to Manchester for a tasting event at Vapiano and for a Cocktail Masterclass at Black Dog Ballroom, both events were really great.
We’ve celebrated Easter and our new sofa arrived a day before Good Friday. The loft was finished too and I can use all the storage. As usual, I’ve made a collage with all the pictures I’ve posted on Instagram for the 365 project.


Day 61. The sterling silver gecko hubby got for me for 1st of March. It’s a Romanian tradition that involves women getting charms with a white&red string for good luck. Day 62. Me, feeding birds in one of our local parks. Day 63. Going to the screening of Blue Desert, a movie that inspired us. Day 64. The first (and last) snow, it snowed for a full hour before stopping. Day 65. Next day, the daffodils were in bloom. Day 66. I was preparing the ingredients for a batch of Toffee Nakd scones. Day 67. I took a picture an hour before the loft was finished, now I have so much storage space, it’s actually exciting. Day 68. I went to Telford and I took a picture of Iron Bridge while I was waiting for my lunch. Day 69. The dog, being silly. Day 70. Another gift from hubby, a bag of matcha tea. It seems we both have a mild obsession of cooking with matcha as I’m using it almost daily.

Day 71. The flowers are blooming in my garden. It’s really wonderful. Day 72. I’ve been to Crufts. It was so exciting! I love dogs and the show is spectacular. Day 73. We went for a short 1 hour walk in the woods and we saw this beautiful wind-turbine. Day 74. I said I have a mild obsession with matcha, this is a matcha, cocoa and apricots loaf. Day 75. Flowers that I received for Woman’s Day, still in bloom after a week. Day 76. It was taken a couple of days prior to posting it, but I wanted to remember when I fed the cute Shetland Pony. Day 77. On St. Patrick’s Day Festus has his own green treat. Day 78. I was clearing my cupboards to make room for this Tefal set. Day 79. A selfie on the train, on my way to Birmingham. Day 80. Chocolate egg, as the Easter was approaching.

Day 81. Gifts from a lovely blogger. Day 82. Preparing cocktails at a Cocktail Masterclass in Manchester. Day 83. Spring. Day 84. New sofa. Finally arrived after 3 months of waiting. Day 85. Petting farm animals, as I usually do when I go shopping for veggies. Day 86. The Green Jade Vine flower is now in bloom at the Croxteth Hall. Day 87. Happy Easter. Day 88. The new basket with the beautifully decorated Easter eggs (boiled hen eggs). Day 89. My tulips from the conservatory look stunning, I was feeling lucky to be able to work from home. Day 90. A picture of the green charity tokens from Asda. I like using the tokens to promote local charities. I think it’s a great way to raise awareness. Day 91. The F1 simulator at Gadget Show.

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  1. I had started the year with this project but missed way too many days. Though am picking up the camera more these days. Love your shots though, all lovely 🙂

  2. This is such a cool project to take part in. It looks like you had a great March x

  3. Love the gecko necklace! So cute! Great on you for sticking to the project 365 – I’ve failed after 10 days both times!! x

  4. Your gecko is adorable!!! I adore little lizards like these. I adored the ones who crawled all over my walls in Bali!

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