Ted Baker Handbag

I was considering buying this kind of Ted Baker Handbag for a while. Because it is made out of PVC, I wasn’t sure I would wear it often. Finally, I got this one from Selfridges last year and I’m so glad I did. I just love this handbag. In the last four months I had worn it 20 times at least. It’s very practical and it goes with jeans and a pair of white trainers I only use for a sporty outfit. It also works nicely with heels. It was one of the best purchases I’ve made recently, it’s so versatile and I imagine I’m going to wear it for many years to come.

Detail of Ted Baker handbag

The thing that attracted me to this Ted Baker handbag is the design. Those delicate flowers and realistic butterflies made me buy the handbag. It is the smaller one of the range, at 24cm with 25cm, and a depth of 11cm. The full price for this handbag is £30. I bought it at an offer, so it was slightly cheaper.

Ted Baker handbag

The handbag has no internal compartments nor a zip, so I’m using a cosmetic bag inside it, to keep all the bits and pieces I carry around with me. Funnily enough, the cosmetic bag I’m using is Ted Baker as well. I got it from Boots on sale after Christmas and it fits nicely in my handbag.

Ted Baker handbag, on a side

Now I’m considering getting another Ted Baker handbag, of course, another tote PVC, but the bigger size, that is a bit over 30cm in height and width, with a depth of 13cm. Obviously, I would pick a darker colour and with another design, but still floral, because I do love the way it looks. Last time I’ve been in a Ted Baker shop, I looked at all the handbags and I was thinking I’d like one of each. But I like having diversity in my wardrobe, hence not buying a lot of similar looking items.

Do you have a Ted Baker handbag? What do you think of them?

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  1. My work colleague has one of these bags. They ARE pretty though I’ve not been buying any bags new as I’ve just got loads anyway – I use a rucksack as my handbag now because of cycling to work!

  2. I’ve always wanted a Ted Baker bag, they look so cute! I do love their accessories – I have 3 pairs of their flip flops now! Also their perfume smells amazing too – and they come in handy travel sizes too!

  3. I love Ted Baker bags, in fact I love anything the brands make – it’s such an elegant, yet somehow extravagant style. Your bag is beautiful, and I’m sure because of its material it’s going to last you a while! A great investment. You should definitely get another one if you’ll get enough wear out of it 🙂

    Julia x

  4. I’m not familiar with Ted Baker and I don’t believe I’ve seen a PVC handbag. I do have a small tote (not a handbag) that’s made from recycled plastics, but it doesn’t have as shiny a finish to it as this one does. The design is lovely – perfect for springtime.

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