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Feeding swans in Nantwich

I love feeding birds and on the Passion tab there are a lot of posts about this. The swans are my favourite as they are so big and beautiful.

The birds on the Nantwich lake have no other means of getting food beside the people who are feeding them. The lake was made for flood alleviation scheme 40 years ago. Underneath the lake there were salt springs and this made the lake’s water very salty.

swans nantwich lake

I was ready with 2 bags of wholemeal bread and there are a lot of signs advertising white bread is not good for them. In the background there is my competition for the attention of the birds. It wasn’t just us there, obviously. Lots of people are coming to feed them, it’s so relaxing and peaceful.

feeding swans 1

swans nantwich

swans nantwich 9

swans nantwich 8

swans nantwich 7

swans nantwich 6

swans nantwich 5

swans nantwich 2

swan nantwich

feeding swans nantwich

We walked around the lake, it’s nice and quite even on a busy day.

nantwich lake