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Shanti Vegan

Shanti Vegan is a vegan restaurant in Maranello. We’ve been there twice, in the afternoon to get some take away for dinner, and the following day for breakfast. The ladies running the place are so friendly and helpful. We managed to chat in Italian after making clear that I fully understand Italian, but I have some issues to reply. I replied in English and we understood each other very well, overall. The ladies are so warm and welcoming. We felt like at home while being there. I can’t recommend this place enough.

Shanti Vegan - interior

I did not take pictures of our take away, but realised this only when I searched for pictures for this post. We must have been very hungry. We got some rice with seitan which was delicious, and some biscuits.

On the following morning we stopped for breakfast. It was quiet as they only just opened when we arrived, so I could take a couple of pictures of the restaurant. They are also selling ready-made pasta, including filled pasta such as ravioli, for customers to take at home. The menu for lunch looked very nice too. I would love to visit them again, given the opportunity.


For breakfast we had croissants, which are so popular in Italy, and I had espresso. My husband wanted to try the apple strudel and he had tea.


We loved the biscuits from the previous evening, so we got a few of those too, with some pressed juice. We tried the mango and the carrot juices, if I remember correctly. There were two other options. The biscuits were all  different, but I don’t know their names.

kid's play area

The restaurant has an area for children to enjoy themselves. It must be popular with parents.

Shanti Vegan - outside

This is the restaurant from outside.

Shanti Vegan is on Via Vittorio Veneto 5, Maranello, IT 41053. There is a car park nearby, which is big, so there shouldn’t be an issues with the parking. The restaurant is close to the Ferrari Museum.

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