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January was a very busy month for me, with a trip to London, a day trip to Manchester, and a day trip to Doncaster. I’ve also read 10 books, see at the end of the post. On top of that, this month I’ve shared only vegan recipes on my food blog.

So, let’s start with a short roundup of my month.


1. The book I was reading. 2.Vegan bean pasta. 3. Michael Schumacher’s birthday, marked by me sharing a picture with the car he drove in 1998, when I’ve started watching the F1 races. 4. Vegan risotto. 5. Book. 6. A bit of pampering. 7. A funny offer: a trip to Portugal for the Hotel Transilvania fans. I would have imagined a trip to Transylvania would have been more appropriate. 8. Cake. 9. Making friends with a gorgeous horse. 10. Let’s race, a fab F1 simulator experience. 11. I’ve visited St. Paul’s. 12. Vegan sausage roll from Greggs. 13. We went to ABQ London for an amazing experience. 14. Fair at Olympia. 15. Fancy meal in the caravan. 16. On the road back home. 17. A find in a charity shop: three Poldark books for £3. 18. Gorgeous skies, at home. 19. Homemade vegan truffles. 20. Small animal show and meal at Scawsby Mill. 21. Gym, for the first time. 22. I booked the trip to Manchester (picture was taken the following day). 23. Vegan meal at 1847 Manchester- See our day trip. 24. Vegan pizza 25. Sapiens, the book I loved reading. 26. Festus having a bit of salad. 27. Finally I have a vegan great milk substitute: Oatly. 28. I’ve decided this is the next book I was going to read. 29. Homemade seeds for houmous and sandwiches. 30. Cake after shopping. 31. Books I’ve bought recently.

As you’ve seen in the round-up, we went to London and Manchester. I’ve had a wonderful time. All the links in the description are from my posts, so check them if you are curious.

I have to talk about the bunnies. We went to the Small Animal Show.

Bunny with ball

Guinea Pig

My husband said the fur of this guinea pig reminds him of the hair colour of a well known contemporary US president. I have to agree with him.


When it comes to food, I’ve watched the Dirty Vegan tv show and I loved it. I’ve also had lots of vegan food, including the yummy recipes I’ve shared on CookStyle, like pizza, risotto, pasta, and some desserts.

Collage with the books I've read in January

In January I’ve read 10 books, from which 7 were historical fiction and 3 non-fiction. While I enjoyed the fiction books, the non-fiction ones were amazing. First of all, Swimming Across is the story of Andrew Grove, one of the most important men at Intel, a Hungarian refugee. His story is even more unusual because he was a Jew and survived Holocaust under the Nazi occupied Hungary, only to be forced to flee under the new Communist regime. He never returned to Hungary.
The second non-fiction book I’ve read was Heavens on Earth by Michael Shermer, who presents afterlife and immortality in a scientific way. I was fascinated by some of the theories in the book. He is a sceptic, founder of The Skeptics Society, so it is a realistic approach, not based on superstitions.
Lastly, Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, this might become one of my favourite all-time books. It’s a book that makes you think and question what you believe.

Here is the list, all have or will have reviews on my book blog, Coffee and Books
Swimming Across: A Memoir by Andrew S. Grove – 5 stars
To Sir Phillip, With Love by Julia Quinn – 5 stars
When He Was Wicked by Julia Quinn – 5 stars
It’s in His Kiss by Julia Quinn – 5 stars
On the Way to the Wedding by Julia Quinn – 2 stars
The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After by Julia Quinn – 4 stars
Heavens on Earth by Michael Shermer – 5 stars
Someone to Trust by Mary Balogh – 5 stars
Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari – 5 stars
Redeeming the Rogue Knight by Elisabeth Hobbes – 5 stars

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  1. Oooh, that Guinea Pig is definitely Trump-hued! Poor thing! I’ve read quite a few of those Julia Quinn books-a good bit of fun. Well done on the Poldark books-my Mum named my sister after a Poldark character and I subsequently ended up with a Cornish name because of that. I must remember to read your Cookstyle esp as I do like Began food-our dinner for 2evenings on the trot has been vegan and quite often generally.

  2. Looking at the animals, from rabbits and chickens to cows and pigs, was always my favorite part of visiting our county fair – at least as an adult.

    I’ve never tried an oat milk. I used soy milk for years, but now keep almond milk or an almond/coconut blend in my fridge. (and always keep the canned variety of coconut milk on hand for cooking)

    1. I like all kinds of vegan milk, but only one proved ok to add in coffee, the oat one. I would use the rest for overnight oats or cooking. Coconut milk is my favourite for cooking, I always have a few cans in my cupboards.

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