New Christmas Sandwiches at Co-op

I was asked if I fancy trying the new Christmas Sandwiches from Co-op. Obviously, I said I will. It’s not too early to talk about Christmas. My husband bought a pack of mince pies, we talked about the day we’ll decorate the Christmas tree, so having some Christmas themed sandwiches was only appropriate.

As my husband and I are vegetarian, I’ve decided to pick both the vegan and the vegetarian options and share them between us. I was delighted to receive the sandwiches in a lovely box, along two desserts, and water. It was the perfect lunch.

New Christmas Sandwiches at Co-op

Now, let’s talk about the Christmas Sandwiches. First one, the Vegan option: Veggie Bubble & Squeak Fritter, with spiced chutney, beetroot and red cabbage slaw, and vegan mayo, on malted bread. I love it. I love malted bread too, so it was really nice. It was something I would pick and surely it’s something I’m going to chose if I’m buying lunch on the go from Co-op. That being said, I’m not sure if it was very Christmassy, but I didn’t mind, loved the taste.

The second one from the Christmas Sandwiches was Brie & Cranberry, with some spinach and mayo on malted bread. As I said earlier, I love malted bread. I loved the flavours too and these did remind me of Christmas. Again, it’s something I’d gladly buy given the chance. Both sandwiches were so tasty. I think many people would enjoy them, regardless if they are veggie or not.

The desserts were with chocolate. Of course I liked both. The vegan option was a Free From, gluten free, Tiffin bar. It was yummy and it had a lovely texture. I would buy this, that’s sure. The second dessert was a brownie bar. Not only it was delicious, but it had some golden dust on top. It was very Christmassy and cheerful. Another very delicious snack that I would buy.

If you are hungry at lunch time, don’t miss these really nice new Christmas Sandwiches on the shelves at Co-op. I know I’m going to look for them.

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  1. The first sandwich sounds like it would have my preference! I’m not a big cheese eater so I would pass on the brie. I love Christmas sandwiches though, it just makes your to-go lunch a little more exciting!

    Julia x

  2. Mmm Christmas sandwiches. I wouldn’t like either of these, but if there’s a turkey and stuffing one then I’d love that!

  3. I wonder what holds the veg in the bubble and squeak? My husband is a vegetarian, so dairy is not a problem. Brie and cranberry would be my choice, as I’m not very keen on bubble and squeak anyway.

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