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Flower Lounge

Yesterday my husband and I went to Didsbury, Manchester, for lunch. We were celebrating our wedding anniversary. After eating, we’ve decided to go for a walk, as the weather was amazing. I looked on the maps for a nearby park and went there. Just like this I’ve discovered a beautiful botanical garden that I can’t wait to go and see again. We are not familiar with south Manchester, although we’ve been to Didsbury a few times. It was more a chance for us to be there, coming from Liverpool.

Flower Lounge Bouquet

On our walk, my husband spotted this flower bouquet with the note: “adopt me”. It had a lovely note, mentioning the National Flower Arranging Day, and that they hope the flowers will “brighten the day” of the one that finds it. Isn’t that fab? The flower arrangement was made by The Flower Lounge. See more of their designs on didsburyflowerlounge (

We took the flowers and, of course, I shared on Instagram a picture with the flower bouquet yesterday.
While I didn’t plan to blog about the anniversary today, I thought it would be nice to share the story of this flowers and how amazing it was to find them on a very special day for us.

Close up with the Flower Lounge Bouquet

The lady who created this wonderful bouquet is the award winning florist Siân Wild. Besides making stunning flower arrangements, they are organizing workshops too.

Flower Lounge Bouquet in a vase on the table

I think the flowers look great in my Agnes Vase by Normann Copenhagen. As you can see I love the minimalist look.

The Flower Lounge Didsbury

Their address is on 98 Barlow Moor Road, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 2PN. Check their website and social media for more details, if you fancy getting a stunning flower bouquet. On their website, they mention that they can deliver not only in Manchester and Cheshire, but even further.

Did something like this ever happened to you?

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  1. What a beautiful arrangement! You were so lucky to find them, and when you were celebrating too! Happy Anniversary! x

  2. Happy anniversary! It’s wonderful that something cute like that happened to you and your husband right for this occasion. It was such a good idea of them too – finding and being given a flower bouquet would definitely make anybody smile!

    Julia x

  3. Happy anniversary!!! I am so glad you had a lovely time and how nice you found the bouquet!

  4. Those flowers are stunning! I would love to be a florist in another life. There is so much detail and creativity that goes into it! <3 Love the colors of those roses as well!

  5. No, nothing like that has ever happened before but I’d love it if it did and aren’t they beautiful. Glad you had a fab anniversary lunch and walk. Mich x

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