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Goals for 2022. How I did.

It’s time for: Goals for 2022. How I did. It is a mix bag, but I’m happy. I want to push myself a bit, but I’m not stressed if I can’t do one of them. These goals are for fun.

Goals for 2022: Blogs

1. Post regularly. Goals included to post all book reviews on Coffee&Books, which I did. I have a few more to publish as I read a lot at the end of the year and I want to leave a few days between reviews, mainly because I don’t want to add too much pressure to publish too much.
Publish 30 recipes/reviews on CookStyle – nope, not even 1. My goal for ancaslifestyle was to post twice a week, so about 100 posts per year – I posted 104.


2. Vegan or Vegetarian restaurants, every month. I had 12 as a target and here are 12:
1. Wulf & Lamb Marylebone, London
2. Neat, London
3. Club Mexicana, London
4. MOOKind, London
5. Mildred’s, London
6. Tofu Vegan, London
7. Pastan, London
8. Rudy’s Vegan Diner, London
9. Farmacy, London
10. Unity Diner, London
11. No Twelve, Nottingham
12. Punk Pasta, London

I’ve been to a few more, but didn’t manage to blog about them. Who knows, maybe I will blog about them next year. Also, on some of these I’ve been a few times.

4. Style & Beauty. My aim for 2020 was 6, for 2021 a very moderate 3. I only blogged about the perfume from Lush.

5. Taste the World. None did, out of 6.

Read the world

6. Read the World. I picked a moderate 6 but did an impressive 11!
1. Poland – Storytellers by Bjørn Larssen
2. Iran – My Uncle Napoleon by Iraj Pezeshkzad
3. Azerbaijan – Winter Is Coming by Garry Kasparov
4. Palestine – Orientalism by Edward Said
5. Australia – Fighting For Franco by Judith Keene
6. Somalia – Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
7. India – George Orwell
8. Slovakia – The Devil’s Workshop by Adolf Burger
9. Egypt – The Open Door by Latifa al-Zayyat
10. Algeria – The Plague by Albert Camus
11. Finland – Putin’s Trolls by Jessikka Aro


7. Reviews. 9 reviews are the target for this year, but I would be happy with 6 too.
1. Ugears
2. Indigo Hotel Durham
3. Jousting Tournament, Leeds
4. Dino Falls Adventure Golf
5. Kynren
6. Hall Garth Hotel, in County Durham
7. The Bear, pub in Oxford
8. Steam Yacht Gondola
9. Battersea Power Station

Goals for 2021: Personal

1. Exercise regularly. Nope. There is a good reason, but I will not share it on my blog.

2. Sew. Nope.

3. 40 before 40 list. I didn’t do 5, but I did 2:
1. I did go to Italy and went to the Ferrari Museums, both of them.
2. Stay for a night in a castle/folly. – 2 nights in a castle, in July.

4. Plan was to read 100 Books. Revised the target to 89. Did 89, exactly as in 2021.

Goals for 2022: Travel

1. 5 new flags to the UK map. Yes!
01. Durham
02. Darlington
03. Bishop Auckland
04. Lancaster
05. Gwrych

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  1. I think you did a good job to even make goals and you did so well on them! I really should make some blogging goals as I floundered a lot last year!

  2. First of all, I admire you for making so many goals! And I think you did an admirable job on them all. I’ve enjoyed following along on your year.

  3. I would say you did quite well, overall. Seeing these photos reminds me of the wonderful places you visited and delicious-looking food you ate!

    I rarely make goals anymore other than a few basic ones when it comes to reading.
    Kelly recently posted…Reading Wrap-up for 2022My Profile

  4. So long as you don’t beat yourself up about the goals you didn’t quite make, that’s fine!
    I try hard to set objectives and goals at the start of each new year, but I tend to keep them to myself, which really doesn’t push me to achieve, but stops me having to admit my defeat, which is self-defeating in itself! I did say that I wasn’t going to take part in any challenges this year, however I did succumb and signed up to the Goodreads Reading Challenge, although I set the bar really low at just 20 books, as I really only want to use it as a library feature, where I can look at all the books I have read in one place – I definitely aim to read more than that target. Here’s to some good days ahead in 2023 🙂

    1. If you treat goals as nice-to-have, then is not a big issue. I know that many things can change, so I’m not too bothered if I can’t do all.
      I will set up similar goals this year, in a few days. 🙂

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