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My Plans For This Summer

My plans for this summer might involve more walking. So, I borrowed two more books from the library besides the book I already had at home to find out some really lovely locations where I can walk. I did some circular walks before and I’ve enjoyed them a lot, it’s a fun way to find some new places in the city you’ve lived in for many years. It’s also a fabulous way to discover new places further afield.

My Plans For This Summer

As you can see, one of the books is with historical walks through Liverpool. I’m very excited about this. I like the idea of learning more about the buildings I might go around when I’m out shopping or going to a restaurant. The book has only a few walks, but plenty of information.

I plan to do my first walking tour next week. From there on, I will go on a tour every other week, all summer. I shouldn’t take a lot of time and, hopefully, I can squeeze these walks in my schedule. When I moved to Liverpool more than 6 years ago, I was excited to discover the city, the museums, the streets, the buildings. Now I want to do that again, discover some more of its fascinating history.

The second book from the library is with walks a bit further away. I think these would be great for a day out, maybe we can stop by a pub for lunch or have a picnic. I’m, again, very excited about these walks too.

The last book is the one I bought. It’s mainly with walks in the countryside that last a few hours. It will be great to go on a long walk once a month or so. Walking is a nice way of exercising and I’m ready to see many beautiful and picturesque villages along the way.

These are my plans for this summer, regarding walking at least. Do you have any special plans for summer? Do you enjoy walking?

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  1. That sounds a really good idea! I was thinking I must do the same in my new home town to try and get to know it!

  2. Oh walking tours are so interesting! I’ve recently found out they do walking tours around Caernarfon in the summer. I’m going to try and catch one hopefully. My Summer plans include making most of my local area… and rollerblading

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