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My garden in August

This is a quick update of my garden in August. Enjoy the pictures.

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  1. Your garden always looks lovely. I love the splattered-looking Dahlias and your figs and apples are looking healthy. I like the Crocosmia too. My garden doesn’t seem to have loads of flowers at the moment though the dahlias are nice out in the front planter.

  2. I too, like the clever way you have combined both fruit and flowers into your garden.

    I guess that like here in Somerset, you are continuing to water your plants for as long as possible, before we get watering bans come into force, or we get some much needed rain!

    We were only discussing the other evening, which parts of the garden we may be able to turn over to growing our own vegetables, given the way things seem to be getting worse year on year!

    Great pictures, as always! 🙂

    1. We will not have a hose ban in Liverpool, luckily. If we do, in the future, I will continue to water the food producing plants, but not the flowers. Although most of my garden is dedicated to flowers it would not make much of a difference. It’s scary to see hose bans in UK, who knows what will be the situation in 10 or 15 years from now, more drought, less plants and so on.

    1. I looked back on the posts from the last 2 years, in August, and saw that I had to change quite a few plants as the others died, but most of them are from the original garden.
      The apple tree was strange this year, it has 3 branches, each one a different type of apple, if you remember. Only 2 have fruits and the 3rd one doesn’t. It didn’t have flowers either, in the spring, so I was not expecting fruits from that branch. It’s bizarre though.

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