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Knowsley Safari Park – December

Now it’s time to show pictures from Knowsley Safari Park, in December. I just love these monthly posts and I love going each month to watch the animals. It’s so relaxing and wonderful to see them.


Our tour started with us looking at these camels, walking on the tarmac towards some other cow-like animals (that’s embarrassing, but I have no idea how these animals are called). I imagined they want to interact.

Camels at a feeding station

Instead, the camels bullied the other animals, who left, and so they ate some of the their food.

Rhino relaxing

Some Rhinos were happy staying in. At that point it didn’t start raining, but it was a bit damp anyway.

Rhino and pheasant

I was surprised to see a pheasant looking for food in the Rhino’s stall.


The Ostrich was looking to see if we have something interesting in the car. They are so curious. Of course, we never give them anything, not only because those are the rules, but it’s better for the animals as well.


 Rhino, seen from the car

Other Rhinos were walking around. This one looked to see if we are going to pass, then crossed the tarmac and went to his stall for some hay.

Animals and livestock

It was poignant to see the animals like this. A simple fence demarcates the wild life from the livestock, the animals that are cared for by humans for many years and the animals whom are fatten up for a few months before being killed for food. A few different choices made by our ancestors and it could have been the other way around, and the sheep on this side of the fence.


Monkey on the car

The monkeys were enjoying their breakfast, and so we didn’t have loads of them on the car.

Monkey eating a potato

I love this picture, the monkey seems lost in her thoughts.

Animals taking shelter

The rain started and some of Knowsley Park residents were not happy to go out.


At the same time, the Bison were happy with their new toys and gifts. The trees were very popular. We spent there a while, switched off the engine, roll down the windows, and looked at these very happy animals having a good time. It was so quiet, we could hear only the branches swishing as the trees were thrown up into the air.

Bison playing with tree

 Bison with a tree on his head

She is definitely enjoying herself.

 Bison playing with a christmas tree




The lions were hilarious. The lionesses were cosy, underneath their stand, looking a bit annoyed at the rain. In this picture you can’t see the lion and we were wondering where he is. Well, we saw him on our way out of their enclosure. He was a few metres away from the stand, underneath a tree, looking even more annoyed. He was standing in the rain, as the tree was bare of leaves. There was place under the stand, but either the lionesses were not happy to share the space or he was just silly to stand in the rain.

We’ve had a wonderful time at Knowsley, as always. I’m looking forward to visit them again, next month.

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  1. That ostrich is hilarious! Checking what’s going on. It’s their territory, after all!
    The lionnesses are looking great! The real queens of the place!

    Julia x

  2. I love these monthly posts, too. 😃 I can’t see the cow-like things well enough to know what they are. That hairy deer-type creature (with the sheep in the background) is really pretty. I’ve never seen anything like it.

    Love seeing the rhinos and the bison and would give both a wide berth. We occasionally have reports on the news of stupid people who get out of their vehicles and try to photograph or interact with bison. It doesn’t always end well for them. 🙄

    I’m betting the lionesses were keeping the male away. 😆

    1. It’s pretty hard to take pictures of them. The animals are usually so far away that even with the DSLR is not easy to photograph them. I need a (very expensive) special lens and I can’t justify the costs for it.
      I love the look of the deer too, but can’t remember the name. There are so many types of deer at Knowsley, smaller, bigger, it’s really interesting to see all of them.
      Bison aren’t really cuddly pets, people should avoid them, for both their sake and for the animal’s welfare. Because Knowsley is such a popular safari park, both bison and the rhinos are used to cars driving around, this is why we could drive so close to them.
      I think you are right, the lionesses must have kept the lion away. He was not pleased. :))

  3. Wow, what beautiful animals. Great pictures. We have bison here where I live but not any of the other creatures.

    1. Thank you. I would love to see bison in the wild, but it’s still great that I can see them at the safari park.

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