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Rose Necklace by The Eternity Rose

I love nature inspired jewellery, I have lots of flowers, leaves, and butterflies. My husband gave me a couple of silver geckos and a frog as gifts in the last couple of years. So, I was delighted to be asked to review a gorgeous Rose Necklace by The Eternity Rose @ How amazing is to review jewellery?

Rose Necklace by The Eternity Rose

I knew the brand, but, even so, when I had a look on their website, I was enchanted by their products. Their range includes beautiful roses dipped in gold, silver or platinum. The roses come in a beautiful wooden box. Those roses look so precious and they are long lasting, hence the name eternity. I also liked the fact that the roses are available on many colours, so there is plenty of choice. I think these are amazing as a gift, or for a special occasion, like Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

For men there are a couple of gifts too, like a playable Golf Ball & Tee set dipped in gold and a 24 karat gold-dipped poker cards. Quirky and fun gifts, aren’t they?

Rose Necklace by The Eternity Rose, on me

Now let’s talk about jewellery. There are two designs for pendants and earrings, which can be bought as a set or separate. Each design is available on multiple colours. It was hard to chose, as I like both designs. Finally I’ve decide on the red rose heart necklace. After making up my mind, I received the piece of jewellery quite fast.

The red rose necklace looks romantic and delicate. I love it, is really gorgeous. The heart has 21 radiant synthetic diamonds on one of the sides. To make the rose, they use real miniature red rose petals. The petals are glazed and then dipped in 24 karat gold. As you can see in the picture, the rose pendant comes with a chain.

Rose Necklace by The Eternity Rose. Pouch and certificate

My rose necklace comes, like all of them do, with a lifetime guarantee and certificate to validate its authenticity. The rose came in a branded jewellery pouch with gold strings.

What do you think of the rose necklace by The Eternity Rose? Is it something you would like to receive?

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  1. This is such a lovely necklace! It reminds me of beauty and the beast. Jewellery inspired by nature is always really pretty 🙂

    Julia x

  2. A lovely statement piece, I love how it contrasts on your outfit in the pictures. This would make a lovely Christmas gift.

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