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Juicy Marbles

Juicy Marbles is a Plant-Based alternative to meat. Check their website for more details. I tried these for the first time when they were brought in by Waitrose for Valentine’s Day meal-deal. Well, they decided that selling out BEFORE the day was not enough to convince them to bring more and stock on the shelves, for some reason. I’m wondering what is happening in their procurement department, because this is so narrow-minded.
After that I had a chat with my friend who owns a vegan shop and she ordered these in. She also said that these are pretty amazing. They are more expensive than other meat alternatives, but the quality is worth the extra money and it’s not an everyday item anyway.

Juicy Marbles

Right now these are sold as thick-cut filet and as loin. The company is working on developing new products. I’m pretty excited about them, so I can’t wait to try their new products as well.

Juicy Marbles steak

I loved the texture of these, and the taste. It is very realistic. I had them with Dauphinoise potatoes and, as in the picture, with oven-baked fries and mushroom sauce. The way this is designed, it makes it flake. The taste is realistic as well, not just the texture. I think these could fool a meat-eater, this is how realistic they are.

My husband and I enjoyed it so much that I had ordered a couple more. It keeps well in the freezer and it only needs to thaw in the fridge for a few hours. My recommendation is to leave them in the fridge overnight and they are perfectly unfrozen the following day.

how it looks cut

This is the wonderful texture.

Juicy Marbles - cooked

Tender Steak has 26g of protein per portion, so it’s pretty amazing. Of course, it has none of the bad cholesterol that meat has. Their steaks are made of: water, soy protein concentrate, wheat protein isolate, sunflower oil, natural flavours, beetroot powder, carrageenan, methylcellulose, yeast extract, ferrous gluconate, vitamin B12. Regular steak has 0 fibres, obviously, while this one has 5,9g. It has more iron and B12 than the regular steak too. When it comes to fat, this one has under 1g per portion, while the animal-based one has about 7g (for the same size), or a third of the maximum daily intake. From a personal health perspective, this is much better, and from an environmental health perspective, this is perfect (no exaggeration).

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  1. These look super tasty!!!! I’d love to try them! My husband, the vegetarian, is a bit annoying about meat substitutes- he complains he doesn’t want to eat things that resemble meat and complains he thinks they aren’t so healthy, but for me, who does eat meat, I really like them!

  2. I am really pleased that there are so many new alternatives to meat now being made quite accessible to the mass market. I was a little perplexed by the company’s choice of name though!

    Not shelves in the store I would personally be visiting, but we do need to cater for everyone and it’s great to see that happening on a much more regular basis. 🙂
    Yvonne @Fiction_Books recently posted…The Three Of Us by Ore Agbaje-Williams ReviewMy Profile

    1. Yes, there are so many. Cheese has improved too. Milk-alternative are mainstream at this point, I think because so many have lactose intolerance that the market is much bigger than just vegans.
      Some of these vegan companies have funny names and the marketing bits are funny too. I think it works because many vegans are young and also these name stand out.

    1. These look amazing and are amazing. They might stock in US, as the company has an office there, it might be the headquarters, but I’m not sure about that. It’s a great time to be vegan.

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