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Today I’m going to talk about my Passiflora. My mother send a pack of passiflora seeds a bit over five years ago. My husband and I planted the seeds and, from all, one picked up and grew and grew. After an year or so, we’ve moved to our new home and we took the passiflora with us. Being very busy with the renovation of the house, the move, work, and other things, we didn’t pay enough attention to it. It looked like it was about to die. We’ve decided to transfer it into the garden regardless and see how it will go from there.

passiflora in bloom

Passiflora or the passion flower is also known as blue passion flower and blue crown. It is an evergreen plant. It did happen to lose a lot of leaves, after we’ve had some strong winds here, but it recovered nicely. It originates from South America. The flowers, as you can see are stunning, intricate, delicate, and beautiful.

Passiflora. 2015

This is how the passiflora looked in its first summer at our new home, in 2015. It was small, but full of leaves. It looked like it will do more than survive, that it will thrive.

Passiflora. 2017

This is the passiflora last year. It did grow a lot in only two years.


But this is how big it is now. Ignore the burned grass, it needs a bit of time to recover after the hot weather we’ve had.

passiflora plant

Despite having this hot weather, the plant survived. The leaves are green and beautiful. She has a lot of flowers. Not all of the flowers are in bloom at the same time, as with the other climbing plants we have in the garden. I like that, because there seem to be always at least three or four flowers in bloom every day. It has been like that for the last month, maybe a bit more.

According to RHS (details on, passiflora can grow up to 12m in height and have a spread of up to 4m. We don’t want to it grow in height, so we’ve tied it to the fence, waited for it to grow a bit more, and tied it again. Now it looks like it will cover all the back fence. I’m loving it. Because we have this bush, small birds are feeling more comfortable coming at the bird feeder. Besides the pigeons, magpies, and blackbirds, we have smaller birds having a snack. It’s lovely to see them. The height of the fence is what keeps them safe. Also, Festus, our dog keeps the cats out of the garden too. One of them tried to catch birds and soon discovered that she could be the one chased.
The pigeons and the black birds are comfortable with Festus in the garden. They learned that he is not chasing them, so he is not a threat. You can see Festus and a pigeon having his meal in the picture from 2017.

passiflora flower

passiflora flower

The downside of having a passiflora in the garden is that this plant is toxic for human and pets if ingested. So, is not recommended for families with small children, unless they are properly supervised. For us, with no children, and a well behaved dog, there is no risk of ingestion.

new passiflora plant

The most exciting thing happened a couple of weeks ago. My husband discovered two new passiflora plants near the big one. We will dig those up and transfer them to a big planter, and we’ll place that on the drive way. I will try to make it grow over the porch. It will look amazing. I’m going to take pictures of that, and make an update when it started to grow. Who knows, maybe it will get bigger as soon as next year.

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  1. I so very much enjoyed reading about the progress of your passion flower vine!! To hear of you planting seeds, then having only one grow, then how it survived your neglect, and now – look at it, covering the fence, making babies!!

    The joy that a garden gives is really conveyed by your posts about yours. Any time I happen to go into my garden, I am blessed by something or many things that have changed or happened since the day before.

  2. Wow, what a lovely story! Your passiflora looks wonderful. The flowers are so attractive. Hope the new plants thrive and give you more blooms to look at.

  3. It looks fab! It’s SUCH an interesting flower/plant.
    We have two in our garden. One on either side and it is has gone mad this Summer.
    My husband cut it right back on the other side and it is flourishing as it grows back!

  4. Your passiflora looks amazing! It’s going to grow and grow, and it’ll look even better as time goes by. It goes to show that good things take time! 🙂

    Julia x

  5. Wow, that grew a lot in just two years. And it looks great – very pretty 🙂

  6. I’ve known others who grew these flowers and I think they’re so unusual and beautiful.

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