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Handmade Christmas cards

I was invited by Viking to take part in a Christmas Craft Challenge, #ChristmasCraftChallenge. It was perfect, as I was thinking of making handmade Christmas cards and I needed a boost to start doing them.
It might sound puzzling, but there aren’t any Christmas cards for bloggers on the market, so I made a few for my Blogger Secret Santa and other bloggers too.

01 Christmas cards

I wanted the cards to be Christmasy, but easy enough for my limited crafting skills. So I came up with this design, it’s simple and it’s fun.

I’ve started by installing the special font and Photoshop the card as much as I could (I must emphasize that my actual crafting skills are extremely limited).

I had a picture of a bauble and I added the letters. I made this in a separate file that I printed on photo paper so they have a nicer look. Here are plenty of types of photo paper to choose from, make sure the photo paper is compatible with your printer.

Handmade Christmas cards
I made the card in Photoshop. If you find it hard to make all the lines, you can print the writing and draw the rest by hand. The lines are easy to make with a ruler, but my drawing of bows isn’t exactly spectacular. I printed the card on a paper of 250gsm. This is thicker than normal paper and great for cards.

02 Christmas cards
I folded the cards.

03 Christmas cards
I cut the baubles with care using scissors.

04 Christmas cards

After that I stocked the baubles to the card with double sided tape.

I wrote the message inside. I used a plastic bone for folding cards, but if you don’t have any, you can create the fold with a butter knife.

The last thing left to do is to put the card in an envelope and send it to the blogger.

05 Christmas cards

I hope you like my idea and I hope the bloggers that will receive my cards will enjoy them too.

Post in collaboration with Viking.

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  1. How cool is this! It looks professionally made.
    I’m sure any blogger would be happy to get it.
    How crazy is that, no cards for bloggers.
    Sometimes I feel we inhabit an alternate world! All my friends look at me dumbfounded when I mention I blog 😀
    Jazzy Jack

  2. These cards look lovely. Such a great design!

    I use to make Christmas cards every year when I was younger but I just don’t have the time any more.

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