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MOOKind is a vegan Dessert Boutique in London, Fulham. They have lots of cupcakes, delicious gelato, and many other delicious treats. We’ve been there twice and I would gladly visit them again. The first time we went there they did not have seating area, but now they do.

The boutique has a great location, in walking distance from Chelsea. There is a park just opposite them. In the summer it must be great to have a gelato in the park. We’ve been in winter, so we prefer to sit inside, understandably.

Desserts at MOOKind

The second time we went to MOOKind I had a yummy sticky toffee date cupcake with gorgeous tahini&date gelato on the side. It was so good. Their gelato is delicious, well worth the trip. I would highly recommend the tahini&date gelato, it’s so different. I loved it.

My husband had a cake and a cinnamon roll, as you can see in the background. The cinnamon roll was both huge and delicious. One might say that a roll is enough for one person, but at least my husband would disagree with that assessment.

MOOKind - cupcakes

This is their cupcake display. As you can see, there are many options to pick from. They look lovely and they have boxes if you want to take away. This picture was taken before Halloween, hence the trick design on the boxes. As I mentioned, we’ve been there twice.

MOOKind is at 65b New Kings Road, London, SW6 4SG. As with most places in London, is just better to take the public transport.

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  1. The desserts look delicious, and for a great price despite being vegan too! Next time I visit London I’ll definitely go. Thank you for sharing!

    Julia x

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