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November Books

This was a busy month, hence I only read 3 books. At the moment I’m reading a fascinating book, but is quite big and I will not finish it before the end of the month. It’s quite a controversial book and not very suitable for Christmas, but now I’ve started reading it, so that’s it.

Stack of three books

With these three books, the total of books read this year is 58. After reaching 52 earlier last month, I set up a new target, of 60. It looks like I will reach that target easily now.

Climbing Mount Improbable by Richard Dawkins

Climbing Mount Improbable by Richard Dawkins

It’s the first book I read written by Richard Dawkins and I enjoyed it a lot. My husband read another one of his books, The God Delusion and we talked a lot about things mentioned in that book. I have another one of his books borrowed from the library, ready to be read.
Climbing Mount Improbable is about evolution. He talks a lot about spiders and they are fascinating. He also talks about the evolution of the eye, that part was fascinating too. I like this style of writing and I would definitely recommend this book.
One of the fun facts I learned from the book is about Swift birds. They live most of their lives flying. They sleep while flying (with a part of their brain, then they switch, I wish I could do that), they eat and mate in the air.

The King's Concubine by Annie O'Brien

The King’s Concubine by Anne O’Brien

The King’s Concubine is a historical fiction book about Alice Perrers, the concubine of Edward III. It is a lovely book to read, I enjoyed it. This means that I will continue reading other books written by her, a few of them are sitting nicely in my bookcase. Although, I don’t think Anne will become my favourite author. I would say the book is a 4 out of 5 stars.
Alice Perrers is a lovely character, she is likeable and genuine. I like how Anne created the fictional part. It seems realistic and that is what makes a historical fiction book amazing, isn’t it? One of Edward III’s decedents started the War of the Roses. After reading so much about the war, it was interesting to read about John Gaunt, the Black Prince, and Richard II.

Alice is a fascinating woman. She managed to have a lot of power at an early age. As a concubine, she is believed to have ruled England, as the king was old (by 14th century standards). I will like to read more about her. She made a name and a fortune for herself. I have another book about her, by another author, so it will be exciting to read it.

In real life, Alice must have been beautiful. I don’t think she would have been the King’s concubine unless she was beautiful and attractive. As a great landowner, I imagine she was more involved in buying and administrating her estates than it appears in the book and that is a shame.

Playing with the Senses. Art through mathematical eyes by Francisco Martin Casalderrey

Playing with the Senses. Art through mathematical eyes by Francisco Martin Casalderrey

I enjoyed this book a lot and I would like to read more about this subject. I, wrongly, thought that beauty in art is all about talent. It mainly is, but it’s also due to learning mathematics, playing with perspectives. It’s a fascinating subject.
In the book, paintings are talked about, with lots of details. It’s an easy and interesting book to read. I would recommend it.

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