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Sea Kayaking for the first time

Last year we bought a kayak with all the needed accessories: life jackets for us and for the dog and special shoes. As it was a very busy and energy-draining year, we didn’t get the chance to use it. So, this year we’ve sailed at sea for the very first time. We didn’t take the dog with us and that was a wise choice because, it might sound crazy, we don’t have any experience in kayaking (or any other form of sailing).

Well, the weather was nice, the sun was shinning and we left the house at 4, after we finished our work for the day. In 30 minutes we arrived at Formby beach and we’ve started inflating the kayak, it took less than 10 minutes.

01 Sea Kayaking for the first time
Here is the kayak, we were both excited to get to the sea.

02 Sea Kayaking for the first time
On our quite long way to the sea we were thinking that it’s going to be great.

03 Sea Kayaking for the first time
Hubby assembled the paddles and off we go.

04 Sea Kayaking for the first time
This is a “before” picture, while I was still thinking my hair will not get all wet and that we can paddle along in a calm way. I had no idea that by the end of the hour I’m going to look like the kayak capsized without actually capsizing.

05 Sea Kayaking for the first time
Of course we had to take a kayak-in-the-sea-selfie and we started paddling.

06 Sea Kayaking for the first time
In a few minutes we understood why it was recommended to start with some lessons or at least a gentle stream… is brutal. If you fancy kayaking I would recommend a gentle stream or a wave-free lake. I would also recommend a special sports camera, as we had. I’m going to review it after I use it a little more.

07 Sea Kayaking for the first time

08 Sea Kayaking for the first time

Paddling in the sea was similar with a ride on the river rapids at a theme park, scary in a good way. We both loved it a lot. It was amazing! I made a small video, too.

09 Sea Kayaking for the first time

10 Sea Kayaking for the first time

11 Sea Kayaking for the first time

12 Sea Kayaking for the first time

This was my first experience. As I said, I loved it. I want to go kayaking at least another time before we can take the dog with us. I will search for new places to sail with the kayak, like rivers and lakes as it would be a totally different experience.

On our way back to the car I heard a conversation between a boy and his father. The boy asked “What is that?”, his father replied that is a kayak, so the boy said excited: “I want one of those”. It was so funny that he asked before saying he wants one.

13 Sea Kayaking for the first time
The kayak was washed and dried, ready for the next trip.

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  1. Wow you two literally went head first! Way to be bold and head right into the waves! Good luck and glad to see you all enjoyed your first paddle.

  2. I desperately want a kayak for our boat. I love the fact that this one is inflatable, means it would take up much less space on deck. Out of interest what is the sports camera that you used? #TravelTales

    1. It is very handy with the space. Now is sits in the attic, is very practical. The camera is a basic Lumix, the model is DC Vario DMC-FT30, is quite good for the price.

  3. How fun! I used to go sea kayaking with my father, and we always had so much fun (although, to be fair, he usually did most of the paddling)!

    1. It’s so much easier if the other one is paddling :)) Hubby had to do most of the work, as I was taking photos and filming.

  4. That’s such an adventure – I’ve been kayaking on various rivers (and always end up getting drenched from drips) but never on the sea proper. Thanks for linking up to #mondayescapes

  5. That looks lots of fun! I went on a Katakanu for the first time this week (joined up kayaks!) and it was lots of fun. Quite relaxing too

    1. Thank you x I agree, is so relaxing. I had no idea that joined up kayaks are called katakanu 🙂

  6. It looks like you had fun, I’m a bit of a landlubber so am happier watching kayakers from the edge of the shore! My partner and kids have been a couple of times on the river near us but as we’re in landlocked Oxfordshire they haven’t made it to the coast yet. I wonder what your dog will think of it? #mondayescapes

    1. Thank you Christine x It was fun indeed. We should have started with a sail on the river, but now we already know how it is. I think the dog will be very happy, as he loves the water 🙂

  7. Fab photos – they really capture the action! You are braver than me, I don’t think I could kayak in the sea! A nice calm lake would do me 🙂 Thanks for linking to #traveltales

  8. Great photos Anca! I love kayaking on a river or lake but I found it incredibly difficult when I sea-kayaked in Croatia last year. It definitely is harder!x

  9. You’re so brave to take it to sea straight away! I’d have a fear of being pulled into the ocean and getting lost, ha.

    Glad you had fun.

    Corinne x

    1. Thank you x I had the same fear, but the waves were making us go back to the shore, so going to Ireland on the kayak wasn’t a real risk :))

  10. How adventurous, I am well impressed! Do you think this will become a regular summer activity then? Where do you think you will go kayaking next? I watch some kayak videos on YouTube as the guy tells you all about the coastline and goes in little sea caves 🙂

    1. Thank you Sam x I think it will be a regular summer activity, I enjoyed it a lot. Next I want to try with some lakes, maybe in Lake District 🙂 Not so sure if we have time, so maybe we’ll stick to Formby for the moment.

  11. I really want one!! It looks like so much fun and it could be a pretty good work out too 😛

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