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I was asked if I wanted to review Paperless Post*, a card sending service, where all the cards are created and sent by email. When I started using the internet many years ago, there were websites offering this kind of options, but I haven’t seen something similar in a while. I love the idea for a multitude of reasons. Firstly I can send cards to family and friends with whom I kept in touch only by email, I can send cards to my volunteering colleagues, as I don’t know their home address. I’m also thinking of sending cards to my University colleagues. Here is their website.

paperless post

With them you can send cards, invitations, save-the-date flyers, or flyers. I sent one to myself, so I can see how the service works.

buy coins

You can start by purchasing coins. When you join them, they give you 25 coins for free and those are enough for 4-5 cards or even more, depending on how much you want to customize them. The card I sent was 6 coins. You can always give it a try before deciding how many coins you need to buy.

making the card

To make the card there are so many options. I picked one of the cards they have, but you can upload your own design or a picture. You can choose the font from a long list and the size of the text, the colour on the back of the card, and also the background. After that you can pick the colour of the envelope. Some of these changes come at a cost, but, even so, it is only 1 or 2 coins. At the end, you can decide on a cute stamp or use the free one, which looks good anyway.
The cards can be sent with RSVP, if you are giving a party or you decided to use Paperless Post for wedding invitations.

the account

After your card is made is time to make the list of people who will receive it. You can import the addresses from your gmail account or you can add manually the people you want to send cards too. To make it easier to be organized, you can sort the email addresses in lists. No worries though, you can send the same card again if you fancy.

In the “my post box” tab you can track if the card was sent and also if it was opened. I liked using the service and I will use it again in the run-up to Christmas. If you are curious, sign up and use those free coins to see how it works. Sending a card with them is much cheaper than buying a printed card, you can personalize it as much as you like, and it is also eco-friendly, with less paper and no fossil fuel used for shipping the cards.

*I was given coins for the purpose of making this review.

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  1. I used to use an e-card service years and years ago (about 25-20 years ago), I think it was BlueMoutain, but they were free then.

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