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Formby sand dunes

We went at Formby – Sefton’s Natural Coast.

Laura mentioned it and today we went there. Here is the parking lot near the sand dunes.


It looks great, but it was a little windy and we didn’t stay too long. We liked the walk on the beach and the sand dunes are nice, so we will definitely go again, maybe with Festus. There is a very large beach with sand dunes near pine woods.


Laura mentioned in the morning here is water, but during the day the sea withdraws. Unfortunately we were unable to reach the sea because there were some mesh waters.




This dunes were near the parking lot. The sand was loose, but for a small photo-shoot it didn’t matter.



Me & Laura

This is a panoramic view of the sands & sea. Click to see a larger version. Enjoy!


In the woods there are 5 routes, but we didn’t try them today. Next time I’ll take my husband on the “red squirrel walk” trying to get a glimpse of the lovely squirrels.