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War Museum, Liverpool

The War Museum in Liverpool is located in a bunker, built under the pretence of a restaurant, from where the Battle of the Atlantic was coordinated. Enjoy the pictures.

War Museum

War museum, Liverpool

Room at the war museum

Room at the war museum

type writter

Guard room


In the middle, on top of the newspaper’s name is written: “If invaders come:”. I wonder if the advice was on the lines of how to pronounce correctly “Ich möchte ein kaffee”.


 Room at the war museum



Isn’t this a fun story? Not true, but presented in the media anyway.

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  1. I bet this was an interesting museum to visit. I enjoy places like this.

    What a funny story about the potatoes. I don’t recall ever hearing it before.

  2. What a great museum — I really like military museums for whatever reason. I guess the WWII aspect. The potato story is fun!

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