Harrogate Flower Show

This weekend we’ve been to Harrogate for the Spring Flower Show. It was very interesting and bigger than expected. I have a lot of pictures of beautiful flowers, but I’ll start with chrysanthemums, they have a special meaning for me.

01 harrogate flower show 2015

02 harrogate flower show 2015

On Sunday, after a couple of hours drive we arrived in Harrogate to see there was a big queue outside the fair. As it was the last day I thought it will be more quiet.

We had a look at the tool stands and all the bulbs & seeds and we’ve made our way into the Halls. In the Halls there were the more exotic and fragile flowers, like lilies and carnivorous plants and bonsai.

03 harrogate flower show 2015

04 harrogate flower show 2015

A small olive tree that had fruits was displayed by the same exhibitors with the lemon tree.

05 harrogate flower show 2015

I had no idea there are so many types of bonsai. They all looked beautiful.

06 harrogate flower show 2015

My favourite part of the show: food :))

Outside there were a few marquees with flower arrangements, crafts and food. Also, there were stalls with garden furniture and compost from wool and decorations.

07 harrogate flower show 2015

08 harrogate flower show 2015

This daffodil won an award. Again, I have to say I had no idea there were so many types of daffodils.

09 harrogate flower show 2015

This was the judging for tulips.

10 harrogate flower show 2015

And the judging for the bonsai.

Another marquee had the flower arrangements. Some of them were really amazing.

11 harrogate flower show 2015

12 harrogate flower show 2015

13 harrogate flower show 2015

14 harrogate flower show 2015

15 harrogate flower show 2015

16 harrogate flower show 2015

17 harrogate flower show 2015

This one was inspired by Mother Shipton’s cave. It’s the oldest visitor attraction in England, from 1630 (even before the Tower of London, as some think). There, simple things turn into rock in a few months.

I’ve visited last year and I didn’t blog about it, so sorry about that. It has an emotional story. Also, the legend is that if you keep your hand in the water and make a wish, the wish will become true. I’m not superstitious, but I wished for a house 🙂
I will write more about her story when we’ll visit it again this year. Until then, here are a couple of pictures from last year.



the objects turned into stone

18 harrogate flower show 2015

There were two different craft sections. One for items made in Yorkshire and another one. There weren’t big, but had a lot of interesting pieces nevertheless.

19 harrogate flower show 2015

There were a few interesting things; I liked the jewellery made from clay. Very cute pieces.

20 harrogate flower show 2015

It was a very nice day out, we’ve spent a little over 4 hours at the show. I bought some bulbs for my garden and I hope I’ll have time to plant them these days.

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  1. Love to visit this blog and photos made me amazed 🙂
    I am a craft person and love to create things using flowers & plants, love to watch green world.

  2. Wow, I love love love flowers! ^^This post made me instantly happy and amazed the crap out of me. Hahaha

  3. I do love a flower show and the more local ones are favourite of mine. I’ve not been to the Harrogate one for many, many years. I must go to Mother Shiptons Cave!!!

    1. Go to Mother Shipton, she has such an amazing story. You can have a picnic, there are some tables in a very beautiful spot x

  4. It sounds like you had a good time at the flower show. I love all the bright colours. It reminds me of the Shrewsbury Flower Show, which I’d highly recommend visiting. 🙂

  5. This looks like so much fun! When we were in Disney’s Epcot there was a flower festival on. It was lovely.

    Corinne x

    1. It was great and much bigger than expected. A flower festival sounds so interesting, I would love to go to one x

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