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I mentioned before that we were in the process of renovating the bedrooms. So, now I’m sharing pictures with my bedroom, the latest newly decorated room in our house, after the home office.

My bedroom

Unlike the home office, where we’ve made a lot of changes, the bedroom is pretty much the same as it was before. We’ve replaced the carpet with wood flooring. That proved to be a bit more challenging than the laminate flooring, so I’m not sure I would be keen on installing wood flooring again. But, then again, I’m glad we’ve decided to try with wood, as we got it on offer at an amazing price, and we were wondering how much better wood is, compared with laminate. Who knows, maybe in time, I’ll change my mind.

We’ve decided to go with a dark chocolate brown oak floor. I love the colour. It’s much darker than the carpet we had before and I think it works better, in contrast with the white walls and the white furniture.

My bedroom - bed and art

The thing I’m most happy with is that gorgeous art piece my husband and I created. It was something we’ve talked about for a few months and, in the end, we were certain of how we want it to look. Thus, we are very pleased with how it turned out. The dark colour of the branch is the same as the flooring and of the flower pots. We were very lucky and some pots that we liked a few months ago, if you remember my Choosing Plant Pots post, proved to be perfect for the bedroom. It’s like we’ve had them custom made to have the same colour combination as the floor.

My bedroom - Night stands

The layout of the bedroom worked so well that we’ve decided to leave it as it was. The night stands are great. One has a long switch plug for the eReader and phone. Because we have those small shelves over the drawers, we can store away different things, like the books we are reading before going to sleep. Right now I’m reading Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari, if you are curious.

I like that even the plant resembles the art work. It was not intentional, so that makes it a bit more special. The only thing I’m not keen on is that on one of the night stands we have the metal lamp, while on the other we’ve changed that lamp with the Philips Wake-up Light and we’ve lost a bit of symmetry.

My bedroom - on the night stand

On top of the night stand is clean and tidy, as we have lots of drawers for storing and that shelf I talked about earlier, for everyday bits and pieces. The Rottweiler is from a charity shop, bought while I was volunteering with the dog charity that rented that shop for a week.

My bedroom - Art piece on the wall

The artwork is so wonderful. I love looking at it and I don’t think I’m ever going to grow tired of looking at it. It’s so beautiful and light, but makes a statement at the same time.

My bedroom - Mirror

We decided on minimalist lights for the ceiling, as they work better with the room. We’ve kept our full length mirror, exactly like the one in the home office. I like it a lot. I haven’t talked about it before, but this is, in fact, an old door to the wardrobes we had when we were renting. We’ve reused them as mirrors, with a minimalist look and a good size, these are perfect.

You can see under the bed in the mirror. I kept a bit of the old carpet and put it under the bed to protect the flooring. There I store some things, like bits I’m going to use for sewing projects, if I will ever manage to actually do a bit of sewing at one point.

My bedroom - Wardrobe

The wardrobe I talked about recently, with its doors installed, light and nice. We’ve had them for about four years and I’m still happy with them.

My bedroom - pots with plants

Finally, the flower pots, similar to the ones on the night stands, but smaller in size. We’ve had enough tamarind trees to put in both rooms and we have a couple more in the bathroom. It’s amazing how many tamarinds we have, all grown from seeds. Despite them being grown at the same time and from the same batch of tamarinds, each one looks slightly different. I hope they will continue to grow and flourish as they are gorgeous.

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  1. It’s such a peaceful, lovely room. I adore the art you two did. I’m impressed — that’s a good sized installation and really looks spectacular, especially with your other plants. Lovely, Anca.

  2. It’s about as different from our bedroom as daylight is from dark… but I think it looks wonderful and it seems to suit you perfectly! I’m impressed with your artwork above the bed. I have a very similar Rottweiler sitting on a bookcase in my office. 🙂

  3. I love the wall art! Beautifully done. The potted tamarind trees are such a sweet touch. We had hardwood installed in our entire upstairs. The great benefit is that it will be a forever floor. If you every resell the home, it is a great selling point, but also if you remain in the house, you will never have to replace that flooring..

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