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Going to the Gym

I’m sure that it will not come as surprise that “Going to the Gym” made its way into my Goals for 2019. Many of you might have set up the same goal. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it, so back in January I went to see the gym that is the closest to my home. It’s a Lifestyles centre, run by the Liverpool City Council. Last month my husband and I joined in and we’ve managed to have 7 workouts so far. It doesn’t seem much, but considering that we’ve been away up north and in London (twice), besides being busy with renovating our spare bedroom, it’s quite good. My goal was to to go the gym 52 times this year and I think it’s very easy to achieve it.

Going to the Gym

First of all, I’m not bothered by having long workouts. We went for 15 minutes a few times: 3-4 minutes of bicycle or on the treadmill before rowing 2000m in less than 11 minutes. Of course, when we have more time, we would spend more time to the gym. But a short workout is better than no workout. It did happen twice that the guys who scan our membership cards commented that the workout was fast, but that’s none of their business. Obviously is annoying as I could do very well without their judgemental comments, especially when they have no idea why we are not spending 1-2h at the gym. At the end of the day, I don’t go to the gym to impress the staff, but to be healthier, so I do try to ignore their comments.

If you are from Liverpool and you are considering joining Lifestyles, there are a few options. You can pay as you go and you can use the membership to go to any Lifestyles centres in Liverpool. There are quite a few, 14 in total, and some have more on offer than others. We’ve decided on direct debit, but that means we have to give 2 months notice before we can cancel. That in itself can be a motivation to go to gym, so I don’t “waste money”.

As I mentioned earlier, the staff can be unpleasant at times. Also the gym we are going to is smaller than the private ones, but it’s so much closer to home and it is the only one that makes it possible for us for go for a quick workout before starting work.

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  1. I hate going to gym because of that. People judge you. I was wearing very shabby clothing and the fattest among all and I feel that I’m not welcome especially people are there to meet rich people. It is a hangout place for rich people especially those private one. There are not there to exercise! Good that you are looking after yourself by doing exercise.

  2. How rude of the staff to make those comments! You stay as long as you want. They could probably lose customers by doing that… On a positive note I am glad you are enjoying the gym, and I hope you get to develop more and more your practice there! Well done!

    Julia x

  3. I’ve always thought a plus in going to an actual gym would be to get help from the staff, not judgement. Shame on them.

    I would probably never exercise if I had to leave home to do it, so it’s a good thing we have several pieces of equipment – though I much prefer to go walking on our property.

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