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Travel Bucket List for 2017

I already made goals, but this year I’ve started a travel bucket list too. I wanted to make it as realistic as possible, so avoided making a long list with holidays too far from us. I assume that this year we’ll have all our holidays in UK. We don’t have a long holiday and that keeps us from going abroad. As we both love travelling around UK, it’s exciting to plan. Some of the locations or attractions on the bucket list can be seen in a day-trip, there are a few museums that would take a few hours to see and some are proper holidays, at least 3-4 days away. Although, even if we had time to travel abroad, it’s very likely we would travel more in the UK, as I feel it’s a must to really know the country you are living in.


1. Bowes Museum. I wanted to visit Bowes museum for a while now. I love fashion and I’m sure I will be delighted to see this museum. It looks like a French chateau.

2. Scotland. Last year we’ve been to Edinburgh and a couple of years ago we’ve been to Gretna Green and Glasgow.

3. Wales. I lived in Liverpool for the last 5 years, so going to north Wales was something we did often. We’ve been to Anglesey a few times, to Powis, we saw a few welsh castles like Caernarfon, Conwy, Penrhyn, Beaumaris, Chirk, we saw The Smallest House in Great Britain, Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and we had a guided trip around a Power Station at Electric Mountain. It feels we did a lot, but there are still a lot of things to see in Wales, including North Wales too. Most of the seeing in Wales were a couple of years ago.

4. Design Museum. Both my husband and I are interested in design, so a trip to the newly opened Design Museum in London is a must. This might be the first thing we’ll cross from our list, as we are going to London at the end of the week. It depends how much time we have on the day.

5. Merseyside. Another location I tend not to visit is close to home. There are places close to home, maybe less than 30 minutes drive that I didn’t see because we are always looking further on the map and that’s a shame. We should see attractions closer to home too.

6. Hull. Hull is the city of culture this year, so it deserves some attention. I never been to Hull, so it should be very exciting to visit it.

7. Bath. I’ve been reading about Bath in novels since I was a teenager, but never made it there despite living 3-4 hours away. The Fashion museum is on my list of things to see and this year I hope I’ll be able to walk around this beautiful city.

8. Blists Hill Victorian Town. Is one of the museums from Ironbridge, Telford. I saw a TV show filmed there, Victorian Bakers, and I can’t wait to see the museum. It’s a living museum and I saw pictures from it, so it should be fun, we can exchange money into pounds, shillings and pence and we can buy things made there.

9. Peak District. Last year we’ve been to Cumbria, twice, so I hope this year we can visit Peak District. I hope I can persuade my husband to go on a couple of long walking trips.

10. London. Well, it’s London, we went so many times last year that I feel like it’s a second home. I have a big list of pubs I want to try for my “pub of the month” goal. I also have a long list of things to do and see in London and, even though I visited from it, seems to get bigger and bigger as I discover new places.

These are the places I hope to visit this year. Did you made a bucket list? What do you want to see this year?

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  1. Bath is amazing!!!! It is really good you have your caravan to stay in and t makes it more affordable and convenient!

  2. Blists Hill is brilliant. I’ve been a few times now… You can help dip candles, buy freshly baked bread, see an old printing press in action and get freshly cooked fish & chips! I live on the Welsh border, so it’s just over an hours drive away… I’m hoping to go again this year 🙂

  3. I’ve always wanted to visit bath, it has some lovely things to see from what I’ve read!

    Corinne x

  4. Oh, Bath is beautiful – I lived there for 3 years when I was a student, and it’s still one of my favourite cities today. If you like Georgian architecture and history, it’s definitely worth going to, and it has lots of museums, and the surrounding countryside is gorgeous. Peak District is on my list too for this year, as is the Design Museum – over the past couple of years I’ve developed a real love for architecture and design and when I found out about the museum it went straight to the top of my list! Lovely post, and thank you for your kind comments too. – Tasha

  5. I don’t travel but it’s nice to see other people traveling 😀 Good luck this year! I can’t wait to see your posts!

  6. Good luck on your travel goals! You’re so lucky you live near a lot of amazing places! Haha. I’d love to travel Europe some day too. Visiting London and Scotland is in my bucket list, too!

    I hope you have a great year ahead of you and that you’re enjoying the year so far!


  7. I love travelling round the UK and this year we’ll be spendind a weeks family holiday in Scotland which I’m really excited about! I’l be going to London this year too, for the first time in aaages – but my favourite place in the UK is Yorkshire! 😀

  8. Love this list Anca! Aside from a little trip to Ireland soon, I think our holidays will all be UK-based this year too – there are so many beautiful places I have yet to explore despite living here most of my life. We will be going to a couple of places because we’re attending weddings of friends, so hopefully we can turn these into mini-breaks, but I need to have a think about some other places to add to the list – Scotland is certainly up there, we were given a night in a castle as a wedding present so we need to book that soon. I feel lots of little breaks over the year are so much nicer than one big trip – you always have something on the horizon to look forward to! 🙂 I look forward to your trip posts! x

  9. We’re hoping to explore more of North Wales now we have a car. It’s so close to Liverpool that it’s easy to pop over there for the day, and we have family friends who are purchasing a caravan in North Wales so we will be able to stay over very soon.

    You will love Blists Hill. It’s not far from where I grew up in Shropshire and it’s still one of my favourite places to visit.

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