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My February

Last month was a very busy month and not so great as I struggled with a cold most of it. But it also meant that I was able to read more, almost 5 books, I will blog about them as soon that I will finish the one that I’m reading now. In February we went camping, with work, and that was lovely, I enjoyed it as usual. I don’t see any reasons to go to a B&B or hotel when it’s so much better (for us) to stay in the caravan.
In February we went to the The Philharmonic Dining Rooms and Coventry, where we saw the Transport museum. Of course, we also had Pancake Day.

01 Osterley House

Besides the things I already blogged about, we did a few more things, like a short trip to London that involved a visit to Osterley Park and House, but it was closed when we got there, so we had a walk around and pretty much that was it. The park was opened, but we weren’t dressed appropriately for a long walk.

02 Osterley House

The outside ceiling is amazing, I wish the house was opened too. We will visit it next time we have the opportunity to do so.

03 Festus

We had snow!! It’s not much, but was enough to take some pictures and for Festus to jump for joy like a little goat. We were away when this happened, so it was an extra bonus added to the beauty of camping.

04 Festus

After a few days, we were back home, the sun was shinning. We had a little bit of rain too, but no snow.

My February

The pictures I shared on Instagram last month, as usual lots of pictures of food. Have a look at my food blog CookStyle if you want to see and maybe try some of my recipes.

How was your February?

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  1. Can’t wait to see your post on the five books you’ve read! I think I’ll also post one soon, thanks for the idea 🙂
    Aww, Festus is such a cutie <3 Nice photos, the scenery is gorgeous.
    Pancake Day seems delish! It's my favorite breakfast, after all.

  2. What a busy month and with 5 books, wow! That is a lot. It is more than my lifetime. Good for you!

  3. I saw the tiniest bit of snow in some guttering haha, though I’m glad because I’m so fed up now of being so cold! I need me some sunshine!

    Sarah 🙂

  4. 5 books! I don’t know how you do it!

    I didn’t get any snow, sadly!

    Corinne x

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