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Ferrari Museums: Modena

There are two museums celebrating Ferrari, one in Modena and the second one in Maranello. I’ve been to both and today I’m talking about the Ferrari Museum in Modena. It is where Enzo Ferrari was born and the museum revolves around him. It’s about his life and the story ends when he died, ignoring the amazing period they had with Schumacher, as it was after his death. Schumacher is celebrated in Maranello, which is very appropriate considering that there is where the factory is.

Ferrari Museums Modena

This is one of the buildings housing the museum. It’s modern and looks splendid. I liked how the cars were presented and the details on the history of Ferrari.

clip - movie

At intervals there is a movie projected on the wall with the story of Enzo Ferrari, where the prancing horse came from, and the history of the brand.

large view of Ferrari museum

There are lots of cars on display, all wonderful to see.

Ferrari car

Ferrari museum

highlight with car

But the cars are not the only thing on display. They present both the history of Ferrari and what they are doing now to preserve that history, through reconditioning their old cars.


This is a display of their technical office and also of their archive. They have on record each car they made, with technical details, so they can recreate any part is needed for replacement.

spare parts

As you can see in this case, on the left is the old part and on the right is a new reproduction, to the same exact specifications. It’s incredible that this level of detail can be reproduced. With Ferrari, a customer gets a truly unique piece and while it might look like another Ferrari produced in the same year, there is a record for each individual car. I found that astonishing.


There is an engine room with these beauties on display. It was very popular, I could barely get a shot of them without having too many people in the picture.

That part of the museum exceeded my expectations. Now to the second building, that houses the 10th anniversary exhibition. It is held in the house where Enzo Ferrari was born. How fantastic is that?

10th anniversary exhibition


This is Enzo’s office.

Ferrari horse

In this building is also a room dedicated to the prancing horse and its story. I’m not going to say more about it to avoid spoilers. If you are curious, visit the museum or read online.

I cannot recommend this museum highly enough. It was mentioned to us when we said we want to visit Ferrari. This might be overlooked as people would naturally go to Maranello, as I wanted. But it is worth visiting the museum in Modena too.

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  1. Ferrari is such a historical brand. There is a very strong association between the prancing horse and the car.
    I would love to know the association between the 2. I think Enso was such a visionary.

    You were very lucky to visit the museum and I can’t wait to read about the one from Maranello.

    1. I loved the cars, but I think I was more impressed by the spare parts. They make each part for each car, even if it’s one bought 60 years ago. With their impressive library of schematics, they can remake it.
      Next post will be on Ferrari Maranello. I’m very excited to write about it. We had a tour of the factory too.

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