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My garden in June

My garden in June looks so much different than it did only two weeks and a half ago. I bought a few more flowers and a tree, as I wanted to take part in the Tree-bilee as Prince Charles named the campaign launched to mark Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. I am so happy with how the garden looks right now. I don’t think I will need to add any more flowers this year, as more of them will grow and, if they are doing like last year, they will keep for a long time too.

My garden in June

The garden is full of colours now. I will start to cut a few flowers, like the lilies, only leave two instead of a bunch of three for example, because they are growing a lot and this will allow other flowers to grow besides them.


The allium looks amazing. We got this from when we visited a garden and I’m loving it. It’s so big and the bees are loving it. I often see two bees on it, it’s just amazing. I wish I got more, but I will keep this in mind for next year.

Bee on allium

As I said, the bees are loving it too.


In the back you can see how big the raspberry bush is. It’s fantastic.

Bee on poppies

The yellow poppies are in bloom and very popular with the bees too. I think I saw five at one time on the poppies.


We have a new visitor, which is really amazing. With the first passiflora dying, I thought small birds will not visit us, but it seems that at least one is brave enough to come.

Dog, magpie, pigeon

The birds are not too scared of Festus. As you can see, a pigeon is having his meal while a magpie is looking at us, to see what we are going to do. The pigeons are less scared of us, they are ok with me being in the garden, if I put some washing up for example. In the back the passiflora near the bird feeder died, but a new one emerged and it’s now growing. I had an indoor passiflora, a baby from the first one, and I moved it outside. It’s growing nicely.

Pear tree

Pear tree for tree-bilee, the latest addition to our orchard. I think I can call it an orchard as we have a fig, an apple, and a cherry tree too. This particular pear tree will make Doyenné du Comice, as the name suggests is French. It is a self-pollinating tree. It can be kept in a pot on a balcony or patio, so I think the pot is big enough for it. They recommend pruning it into a sphere three to four times each year. It looks happy in its new pot.

Fig tree

The fig tree looked a bit sad a couple of months ago and I thought it died, but look at it now. It’s gorgeous.



These lilies were grown from a bulb. I forgot I bought them and only remembered after they bloomed. So, I might have a surprise or two in the garden. Despite my intention to write down everything I bought, I didn’t, so it’s back to laissez-faire gardening.


Ageratum are looking so cute and I think they are making a lovely addition to the garden, as they are small. I got some marigolds as small bedding flowers too.


Alstroemeria is one of the flowers my husband gets for me. It is so long lasting in the vase I thought it should be even better outside, in the ground.


Lupin is another new plant I got. The way its leaves keep the water is so interesting and the flowers look lovely. I’m happy with it.




The strawberries are producing quite a lot of fruits this year, really happy with them.


Potatoes are growing. I put a couple of Apache potatoes in a growing bag and it seems they are doing fine.


Borage, another edible flower I grow. It looks so lovely and I will use one or two for cocktails.


Marigold, edible version, which might be the same as the garden marigolds, but as I’m not sure, I keep these in the conservatory. I’m yet to taste them, but I imagine they have the same taste as other edible flowers, like a bland salad.

Me and the dog in the garden

I was studying for my exams when my husband took this picture. Festus was having a nap and it was so lovely and relaxing. I’m enjoying working and studying outside a lot. Luckily the neighbour with the two small children moved and the neighbour who moved in has a small dog, which makes less noise, after a couple of day of arguing with Festus. He is a cute little dog.


Now I am looking forward to see more Dahlias in bloom. I got three new dahlias this year, a huge white&pink one which is lovely called Sincerity, a black one with beautiful and colourful flowers called Happy Days Halo, and a small dahlia.

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  1. Wow, Anca, your garden is wonderful! I love seeing all the blooms! I’m such a brown-thumb myself, but I love what other people do. Your small space is just right to me – if I had a space like this, I might be tempted to try to not-kill some plants, especially the flowers! Festus is a beautiful boy, glad he settled his brief feud with the new dog!

  2. Everything looks so beautiful. You really do have a green thumb! It’s so nice that you can sit outside and enjoy it. Here it’s so hot and humid (and the insects are so bad) that it’s out of the question. Festus looks quite content “helping” you study.
    Kelly recently posted…Dog Stamps QuiltMy Profile

    1. Fortunately the weather in UK is great. We’ve been spending hours each day outside, working, reading, even having some meetings with colleagues with the headset on, of course. 🙂

  3. So many beautiful colours in your garden! Ours is a bit better this year but we still don’t have loads of flowers. We have some herbs though which I’m so happy about!

    Corinne x

  4. The allium does look amazing, no wonder the bees love it. Such eye-catching flowers. The Lupin looks lovely as well. I don’t think I was even familiar with that plant. Your garden looks so beautiful in June. The strawberries look yummy. We have had some strawberries as well this year (planted them on our balcony). The lilies are stunning. I bet it was a great surprise when they bloomed. One of the perks of gardening, enjoying all those different colours and flowers. Yes, spending time outside can be so relaxing. Having a space outside to ourselves, be it a garden or balcony is a blessing. It is wonderful to read or chill outside, just wonderful. Festus looks very happy on both photographs, first in the company of pigeon and the other bird and in the second one in your company. I’m happy to hear he’s getting along well with the new small dog that moved in the neighbourhood.
    Ivana Split recently posted…SPRING STYLING: A WHITE CHERRY PRINT DRESSMy Profile

    1. Outside space is so important and we are lucky to have it. I’m very happy that last year we’ve decided to do a complete makeover of the garden and now we can work in the garden and relax too. It’s so good for our mood to be able to spend time outdoors.

  5. This is just lovely, Anca. As a fellow gardener I always enjoy seeing garden updates and it’s amazing how much has changed in only a few weeks. So pleased to see you’re growing so many edible flowers, and also how well your allium looks – yes, definitely get some more bulbs and plant them next Spring! Looking forward to seeing your dahlias in due course, they’re such stunning flowers in any garden 🙂

    1. I agree with you, dahlias are gorgeous. I’m very pleased with them and can’t wait to see all of them in bloom.

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