Museum of the Moon

Last weekend we’ve had a wonderful event in Liverpool, Tall Ships Regatta. Museum of the Moon was part of that event, but it was too amazing not to talk about it separately. I have taken lots of pictures of the Moon, both during daytime and in the evening.
Museum of the Moon is a touring artwork, made by UK artist Luke Jerram. You can see more on the artwork’s website ( and on the artists’s website (

Museum of the Moon

I knew what to expect, but seeing it was bizarre, almost a bit emotional. The Moon has 7 metres in diameter.

Museum of the Moon

As you can see, it is very detailed. It was made using 120dpi NASA imagery of the lunar surface. The Moon is at 1:500,000 scale, each centimetre representing 5km of the Moon’s surface. It is internally lit and it makes it looking so real.

Museum of the Moon in the cathedral

Tour Dates from June, in UK, if you fancy seeing it:
UZ Arts, Glasgow, Scotland, 11 May – 24 June
Kelburn Garden Party, Scotland, 29 June – 1 July
Bristol, UK, 7 – 8 July
Timber Festival, National Forest, UK, 6 – 8 July

The Museum of the Moon is on tour abroad too, going in Spain, US, France, Canada, Hungary, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, and Netherlands.

Museum of the Moon

Some of the places the Moon was on tour were outdoor locations. I think that being inside the cathedral made it special.

Museum of the Moon

The artist says that: “From the beginning of human history, the moon has acted as a ‘cultural mirror’ to our beliefs, understanding and ways of seeing. Over the centuries, the moon has been interpreted as a god and as a planet. It has been used as a timekeeper, calendar and to aid nighttime navigation.”

Museum of the Moon. Close up

This is a closeup with the Moon. It was fascinating to see so many details, that are not visible with the naked eye. It’s fascinating.

Museum of the Moon. During the daytime

During the daytime is stunning, but I’m glad I’ve visited the Cathedral again in the evening. It looks even more impressive in the evening, in low light.

Museum of the Moon. During the day time.

Have you seen the Moon?

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  1. Oh WOW!!!! That looks absolutely amazing Anca! I can imagine how you must have been amazed in person. It looks so good in the cathedral!!!

  2. Wow, this looks incredible! Definitely looks so real, even just from your photos. Seeing it inside is probably a lot better than outside in the sun, so you were lucky! Thanks for sharing the other places of the tour, I’ll definitely be going to see it in Bristol!

    Julia x

  3. Oh wow!! This looks insane – and the photos are wonderful too. Wish I could see it in such an amazing location, or anywhere to be honest. Edinburgh or Newcastle would have been nice. Bet it was powerful in person.


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