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This will be my last Good things post in this format. I will change it for next year, more about it in the Blogging Goals for next year. As it’s my last good things post I will make a list of good things that happened this year and more recently.

1. Christmas Fruit Cake and chocolate. Of course I had to mention them on the list after Christmas. I already talked about the menu, but these two deserve a special mention.

2. Maintaining my weight during the holidays. Despite my no1 good thing, I didn’t put any weight on. I’m obviously delighted with that.

3. Stand mixer. I got it on offer and I can say I love it. Since I bought it I stopped buying bread as it helps me with the kneading and in 10 minutes the dough is left to rise. Using easy-bake means that I don’t need a second proving, so the bread goes straight into the oven in 1 hour or even less. I made a cake too and it’s fab. I can’t wait to use it more and I will make a review about it next year, I’m very very happy with it.

4. Feeding wild animals at the Safari Zoo. I fed a camel, reindeer and a giraffe. I was so excited about it, it was amazing. My husband made a friend at the Zoo, if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen the picture. It was a very strange thing to happen, the parrot climbed on his shoulder and stood there. At first my husband hurried me to take a photo until she will fly away. Not only that it didn’t fly away but 10-15 minutes later we were wondering what will we do with the parrot since she didn’t want to leave. She didn’t let me get her and was moving from a shoulder to the other so she can stay there. My husband fed her with seeds and pieces of fruits left for other parrots and he walked with her on his shoulder. It was lovely and everybody who saw that had a little parrot-envy. That is a really beautiful memory to have.
More pictures at the end of the post, if you fancy seeing more.

5. Buying the caravan. From May to this month we’ve made at least a trip every month. I love caravanning and luckily my husband likes it too and this is why we went so often in holiday or weekends away. This month we didn’t, but there will be plenty of more opportunities next year.

6. New cosmetics. This month I’ve tried a couple of the samples&products I got in goodie bags or I bought. It’s nice to try them, even though not all are exactly what I was looking for. Some are great and I might blog about them next year.

7. Doing the soup/smoothie challenge after all these months. I started in June and continued to do it. I hope I can continue for more than that. It’s such a great way to add some more veggies in my diet.

8. Festus and how he picks up the food he wants. My husband or I place a few pouches of food or treats in front of Festus and he will push the one he would like to eat. He is so sweet when he does that, I will film him.

9. Playing games at home. I love playing games and we had a lot of games this year, while camping or at home. It’s a fab alternative to watching movies from time to time.

10. Having an amazing birthday. I blogged about it and it was the best birthday I ever had.

Happy New Year!!




I mentioned my husband enchanted the parrot. It started with the parrot going up his arm, then they walked around the enclosure. My husband fed the parrot some nibbles from their food station. It was so cute.







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  1. Awww, this looks like an amazing day trip!Haha, I love how your husband enchanted a parrot. That’s hilarious ? Looking forward to continue reading your blog in 2017! Happy new year!

  2. All the animals! I love animals!<3 Glad there was a lot of good things in your 2016 roundup! May 2017 be even greater for you! Happy New Year's!

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