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La Notte Rosa at Bella Italia

Imagine my delight when I was invited at the party of La Notte Rosa at Bella Italia in Manchester, a Summer Festival until the 3rd September.

La Notte Rosa (Italian for pink night) is celebrated every summer along the Northern Italian coast, started in 2006. It’s a festival  celebrating food and friendship, and having a good time. At Bella Italia, restaurants across the country have been decked out in pink for the duration of the festival, including the three ones from Manchester.

Decorating is not enough, obviously, so special pink dishes and pink cocktails have been developed for the festival. These include ‘Antipasti Rosa’, Watermelon Rosa Salad and Pizza Rosa Coppa. The dishes were created by Vittorio Lettieri, Executive Chef at Bella Italia.

02 La Notte Rosa at Bella Italia

As for cocktails, they include Cipriani Bellini, a classic cocktail invented in Italy in 1948 and an watermelon cocktail, like the one in picture. I loved it. There are two options, a mocktail and a cocktail with Vodka, both fab. I hope they will keep it in the menu, because I would order it.

01 La Notte Rosa at Bella Italia

The restaurant is lovely decorated, with plenty of wonderful pictures on the walls. It has a nice and cozy atmosphere, it’s warm and informal.

03 La Notte Rosa at Bella Italia

For the event there was live music and it was really nice.

04 La Notte Rosa at Bella Italia

These are vegetarian options of the Watermelon Rosa Salad and Pizza Rosa Coppa, both delicious. It’s the first time I have watermelon in a savoury salad and I thought it’s delicious. The balsamic drizzled on top intensified its flavour. I loved the dish.

05 La Notte Rosa at Bella Italia

Another thing I haven’t tried before was Grilled Watermelon with fresh herbs and goat cheese. I like it a lot. The grilled watermelon was delicious, I really enjoyed it.

06 La Notte Rosa at Bella Italia

07 La Notte Rosa at Bella Italia

A festival can be successful only with an amazing dessert. Strawberries gellato with strawberry coulis drizzled on top. I like it a lot, the flavour of the strawberries was intense and lovely. The dessert, if you order it in the restaurant comes with fresh strawberries, cream and amaretto biscuits. It can only get better with those additions, so do make sure you order it if you are paying them a visit.

I enjoyed the food and the drinks (those cocktails are amazing!!), the staff was very friendly and helpful, I would like to go back for a meal anytime.

Have you been to Bella Italia? Would you like to try any of those dishes?

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  1. This sounds amazing!!! It sounds right up your street too!!
    We had watermelon in curry the other day and it was sooooooooooooooooog good, so I imagine the grilled one is tasty!x

  2. I’ve not visited Bella Italia, but I would like to. The food and cocktails look wonderful, so glad you had such a good time.

  3. I’d never heard about the Notte Rosa festival, but as someone who loves pink this is perfect for me! Bella Italia is a really nice restaurant, been there a couple times and really enjoyed it. The food selection for the festival seems great, especially the watermelon cocktail and the grilled watermelon – that’s a fun food to go for, and something I’d never seen before!

    Julia x

  4. I’ve been to Bella Italia a few times, but these dishes sound much more exciting! Watermelon is one of my favourite foods, but I’ve never thought of using it in those ways. The grilled melon with goat’s cheese sounds delicious – I’d love to give it a try!

  5. I always say this but thank you for sharing such gems that are happening around the UK! I didn’t even know this was a thing. It’s awesome that they have a whole celebration of the La Notte Rosa!

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