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Escape room Manchester

What can be better on a weekday than to try something new? I was delighted to be invited to the blogger event held at The Escape room Manchester. My husband and I worked all day and we were ready to have fun.
The Escape room is in a great location, close to the city centre. We got there in time, we had some drinks at their bar while we were waiting for our group. The bar is opened to their costumers only, so it’s quite private. I really love that.

Escape room

My husband and I looked at the themes the rooms have. The concept behind the Escape rooms is pretty simple, by solving puzzles, you have to discover how to exit the room in less than 60 minutes.
At the Escape Room Manchester there are 5 different rooms: The Mummy; Prison Break; Slaughter house; Room 13 and The Secret Lab. The first one has a difficulty of 3, the next two are 4 and the last two are 5, the hardest.

We were part of a group of 7, a little bigger, as the rooms are for 2 to 6 people. I would say it was fine for us, we had plenty of space and everybody got involved. I don’t want to talk too much about what’s involved in solving the puzzles, so I don’t ruin the surprise. Our team was assigned to the one that it looked the most interesting for me: The Secret Lab.
The story is that a news reporter has to investigate an incident at a local estate. The police is already there and the place is in quarantine, so everybody in the building is locked inside.

We had a short briefing where someone told us the rules and the clock started ticking. One in our group had been to an escape room before and she was familiar with what must be done. I would recommend an easier experience if nobody in our party has tried this before. We started searching for clues and soon we were discovering secrets. It took us 36 minutes to finish and escape, only 2 minutes slower than the best time for that room.

It was fun, I enjoyed it a lot, even more than I thought I would. My husband loved it too, we plan to go back and try to escape from another room pretty soon. If you never tried it, I would recommend it, it’s fun and exciting.

02 Escape room
I mentioned the location, really fab.

I was invited to Escape Room Manchester. All opinions are my own and I wouldn’t recommend them if I wouldn’t think you would love this experience.

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  1. I went to one similar in Birmingham last year and we all loved it. My husband, my son and I all pulled together which was brilliant but we didn’t manage to escape in the time unfortunately. I would def go to this if I was in Manchester with my family.

  2. I love escape rooms! I went to one last October and it was so much fun!

    Corinne x

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