Cake Fest

Yesterday was the British GP at Silverstone and I wanted to see the race before heading to Mann Island to see the cakes. It was a good choice as the race was amazing and I’m so happy I saw it live. The start was incredible, it rained and the situation changed many times. While I was upset that Button and Verstappen had to retire, it was a truly remarkable race.

Getting back to the cakes. The cakes presented at the show were made by home cooks and the details on them were amazing.
As part of the Eat the Atlantic food festival, bakers got together to create an edible map of Liverpool and Manhattan. There were a lot of cakes, but half of them were already cut and served.

01 Cake Fest
This is the iconic Liverpool Cathedral. I was stunned by the amount of details, the windows looked so real.

02 Cake Fest
This was a recreation of Mann Island, where the Cake Fest was held.

03 Cake Fest
Picton Clock is another important landmark in Liverpool. It was built more than 100 years ago by a well-known Victorian architect in memory of his wife.

04 Cake Fest

05 Cake Fest

06 Cake Fest

07 Cake Fest

08 Cake Fest

09 Cake Fest

I hope you liked the cakes.

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  1. This is fantastic! What amazing cakes- the Statue of Liberty is SO cleverly made.x

  2. Oh my goodness! What amazing detail! Beautiful cakes, imagine going to all that trouble to make something and then people just come and eat it lol 🙂 but I love the clock tower and the Statue of Liberty cakes, they’re brilliant 🙂 glad you got to see the race live! x

    1. Thank you Amanda x The cakes were amazing. I wanted to bake one, but I’m not at that level, maybe in a couple of years.

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