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Yesterday we’ve celebrated the Anniversary of an important day in our life: the day we met. Cake, Champagne, wine, special meal, and dancing. It sounds perfect and it was.

There is a post of the story of how we’ve met before on the blog. In a few words: in a train, many years ago. We also celebrate our special days: the day we became a couple (later in October), the day we moved in together, the day we bought our home, our weddings (we had two, two months apart, another long story), the day we got our dog, the day we moved in the UK.
I always want to celebrate these special days. I know when they are, so I can’t ignore it. We both enjoy our celebrations, it’s a time for us, remembering funny memories, listening to a couple of songs from our wedding. We talk about our future and we just have a lovely time with each other. It doesn’t matter if we go somewhere or just spend the day at home with cake.


The cake was fab, I will share the recipe in a few days on my blog. Chocolate and peanut butter cake, covered with dark chocolate and crushed salted peanuts on top. This is a cake we’ve developed together, chatting about the cream and the icing and the flavours it was a lovely part of the preparations for our anniversary.

Do you celebrate the anniversary of special days?

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  1. Oh my, that cake looks amazing!
    I don’t celebrate enough special days! My kids birthdays are biggies, but pretty much everything else falls by the wayside….

  2. Congratulations! It’s lovely that you take the time out together to celebrate the special days. We always celebrate the day we had our first date, which is also the date we started dating. We usually take the day off and do something nice together – anything from dinner to visiting a Christmas market!

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