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  1. The Rhinos are ENORMOUS!!!! I’ve not been to a Safari park since I was small and I suspect I’d be a bit scared but it sounds a wonderful experience! Baboons are so naughty- in S,Africa, they broke my friend’s wiper blades- she was furious!

  2. Guess that was so much fun. I prefer safari than zoo because I get to watch the animals in their natural habitat. It’s cute how the monkey is curious about the wiper blades.

    1. The monkeys are so skilled at taking off blades from the cars, it’s quite impressive to look at them in action.

  3. Those rhinos are HUGE! I didn’t realize at first that the white truck was a park employee and I wondered why they had the window down. I can’t imagine standing next to something that large (and armored).
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    1. I would love to be able to be so close to a rhino, they are gorgeous. But, I would be a bit scared, I have to admit to that. :))

  4. Knowsley looks very similar to Longleat which is just down the road from us – you’ve reminded me that I need to get on and book a half term visit, so thank you!

    1. I would love to visit Longleat, but it is far from us. We have a membership and visit the safari park each month. It’s lovely to see how it changes throughout the year.

  5. This safari park looks great. The animals seem to have enough space to wonder about a bit and that’s always good. That lioness right next to the car looks a bit moody:), like she isn’t having a nice day. The monkeys are cute. It must be fascinating to see large African animals such as rhinos from up close like that.

    1. The lioness was hungry, hence her moody disposition. They do not eat daily, as the keepers replicate what would happened in the wild.

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