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Goals for 2023. How I did.

These are my 2023 goals! As usual, if I don’t do all of them, I’m not bothered at all. All the goals are modest and easy to do, so, hopefully, all will be done. Everything is available to see on the three blogs, but I didn’t add links as it would be too many links in the post. Just search if you are curious on a recipe or a specific post.

Goals for 2023: Blogs

1. Post regularly. YES on Coffee&Books, yes on ancaslifestyle, basically-no on CookStyle.


Recipes on Cookstyle – 5 out of 12
1. Pizza pancakes
2. Coronation Quiche
3. Varenyky
4. Mălai dulce
5. Watermelon jam


2. Reviews for Vegan or Vegetarian restaurants. 4 out of 6 (I did visit 5 though)
1. Cream Dream, London
2. Benji’s Buns, London
3. Karmana, Northampton
4. The Eating Gorilla, Wales


3. Reviews. 9 reviews are the target for this year, but I would be happy with 6 too. I did 9!
1. Fortnum & Mason – Raspberry & Vodka Chocolate Thins
2. Juicy Marbles
3. University Church of St Mary the Virgin, Oxford
4. Yume Tea
5. Ffestiniog Railway
6. Underground Golf
7. Portmeirion
8. Handmade Vatnik
9. CuppaPug, London

4. Taste the World. I aimed for 3 new recipes for Taste the World, but did only one, Varenyky, from Ukraine.

Read the world

5. Read the World. This again will be a moderate 6 new countries for Read the World. I did more last year, so this year I’m happy with 3 too. I read 3, all non-fiction.
1. Yugoslav Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War by Vjeran Pavlakovic – Croatia – 5 stars
2. A Message from Ukraine by Volodymyr Zelensky – Ukraine – 5 stars
3. Imagining the Balkans by Marii︠a︡ Nikolaeva Todorova

Goals for 2023: Personal

1. Be active. Done! I did a round of P90X

2. Sew. Nope

3. Read 89 Books. Done!

Goals for 2023: Travel & sightseeing

1. 3 new flags to the UK map. Done! 4 in fact.
1. Halifax
2. Capesthorne + Marton Church + Siddington Church
3. Porthmadog and Portmeirion, Wales
4. Aberystwyth, Wales

Stately Homes

2. Visit 6 stately homes. I plan to visit 6 stately homes this year and blog about them. I didn’t blog about all I saw last year, so this will hopefully be the push I need.
1. The Charterhouse, London
2. Capesthorne, Cheshire
3. Dorfold, Cheshire
4. Rode Hall, Cheshire
5. Harewood House, Leeds
6. Meols Hall, Southport


3. Visit 6 museums. I visited 8, but only blogged about 7. So, I included only 7 in the collage.
1. Whitechapel Gallery, London
2. Wellcome Collection, London
3. Elizabeth Gaskell’s House, Manchester
4. Northampton Museum and Art Gallery & Abington Park Museum, Northampton
5. Warrington Museum & Art Gallery
6. London Mithraeum
7. Wheatley mill, Oxfordshire
8. The Courtauld Gallery, London

Special exhibitions

4. Go to 4 special exhibitions. This is something I don’t do and I need to do more, hence the goal.
1. Pure Brilliance, Lady Level Art Gallery, Wirral
2. This war painted: an exhibition by Ukrainian artists, Northampton
3. Travel in Style, Liverpool
4. Jousting event

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  1. I’m always amazed at just how much you get done considering how busy your life is with school.

    About the only goals I set anymore are reading goals, and I always try to keep them reasonable. But as you said, it doesn’t really matter if they’re not met.

    Wishing you the best in everything for 2024!
    Kelly recently posted…Italian Promenade and some earringsMy Profile

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