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Rydal Mount & Gardens

Rydal Mount was William Wordsworth’s loved family home, where he lived for the greater part of his life, from 1813 to his death in 1850. The house dates from the sixteenth century and I shared pictures from inside the house and from the gardens too, where he composed his poetry. It’s a lovely place to visit. Enjoy the pictures.

Rydal Mount - exterior



rooms in Rydal Mount


attic study





dinning room


stairs in the garden

Rydal garden

summer house

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  1. So many historic homes are beautiful but they don’t look like places I would be comfortable living or staying in. This one is ready for me to move in at first availability! It’s absolutely beautiful and comfortable and I also love the garden. I can see Wordsworth here.

    1. It’s interesting that you say that. The house was used widely for hosting guests. I remember correctly around 800 guests were staying with them each year. The guide mentioned that but it might be a lower number, anyway, in hundreds. The gardens are stunning too.

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