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My garden in June

Gardens always look at their best in Summer and I am delighted with how mine looks now. For my garden in June update I have an interesting news: I bought ladybirds for the garden. I will share my thoughts about them, but it’s a mixed picture.

My garden in June

Everything is looking great. I need to replace a couple of plants, but I don’t have time right now. Not all plants from last year made it to this year, but that’s only natural.


Now, the ladybirds. They are natural predators for aphids and I thought I should get some. The lupins have aphids. The ladybirds I got are native, so it’s not a problem if they just fly away. I think many of them did that as I only see a few in the garden. Needless to say, aphids are still here. I also got some larvae, so they might do the job. I just wait and see what happens.
I saw labybirds eating aphids, so at least I know it’s working, if they plan to stay here that is.


In the conservatory I only have a basil plant and a pepper. I bought 3 tomato plants “for pots” which grew so much that I had to replant them outside. I will plant some seeds for herbs or edible flowers soon.

About the flags: the Ukrainian flag is from a demonstration I went to in London and the British flag is from the Platinum Jubilee Pageant.

tomato plants

The tomato plants I mentioned before, as you can see, they are huge!

courgette plant

The courgette is doing its job, producing some courgettes.

fruits and herbs

The raspberry bush and the strawberries are looking great. I harvested lots of raspberries but only 2 strawberries. There are some flowers in there too.

raised bed

How lovely are the flowers in bloom right now. There are still to flower some, like the dahlias and the chrysanthemums.




bunch of lilllies


New for this year, I got some alliums and this one is the strangest of all.

three flowers

passiflora in bloom

Passiflora is in bloom again, after a tricky last year. I’m delighted with it.


We have some apples too.


Garden furniture

Just perfect to stay outside to work, relax, or study.

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  1. Your garden is beautiful and I love the flowers, you’re right gardens always look best in summer and I am spending more time there now and enjoying it!

  2. Everything is looking so good! I don’t think I’ve seen squash (courgettes) grown in a pot before, I got my summer squash and tomato plants out really late, so I’m not sure they’ll produce before it gets too hot. We’re already having a lot of heat. It’s currently 95F (35C) with a heat index of 108F (42C)!

    I hope you get your aphid problem taken care of.

    Cook with that basil!!
    Kelly recently posted…Instagram photos #19My Profile

    1. It’s similar to this week in UK. We had over 32C.
      Only the lupins have aphids. I might replace them if the ladybirds are not enough. I can’t say I’m particularly bothered by them though.

      I cooked with the basil. It’s a £1-ish plant from a supermarket. I replanted it on the day I bought it, in this big container. When I harvest I take the bigger plants and leave the smaller ones to grow. In this picture there are only the small ones. :))

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