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Knowsley Safari Park. April 2021

Finally, we were able to visit Knowsley Safari Park again! I was so excited. Yesterday saw some more restrictions lifted in England (differs for the 4 nations). Now we can go to zoos and safari parks, have a drink and a meal outdoors, and shops are open again. We booked our slot two weeks ago or so. As the restrictions just lifted, we’ve decided to do a tour of the drive through safari park and leave the walking parts for another time.

Knowsley Safari Park

The weather was perfect. This is one of the last pictures taken, but I’ve decided to start with it because I just love how relaxed the camel is. I think the excitement of seeing the cars again made them tired by the middle of the day, when we arrived at Knowsley.


She is flopped, only moving her nose once in while. Isn’t she gorgeous?

Camel flopped on a side

As you can see, she was not the only one flopped. The light changed rapidly, so the pictures look like they were taken in different days, but no, all were taken yesterday.

Camel eating bark

This is the first picture we took in our drive through, of one of the camels having some bark snack.



Rhinos were very tired too.

Knowsley Safari Park


We were afraid to go into the monkey enclosure. After a few months in lockdown, we knew the monkeys will be overly excited about the cars, so we took the car-safe route instead.


Some monkeys were not bothered by the cars.


While others were enjoying the spoils.

Monkeys at Knowsley Safari Park




Moose was out in the open, when usually he hides somewhere in the bushes, we barely notice him.


The lions were a bit temperamental, as they were waiting for food. After seeing them so many times, it starting to be obvious when they are hungry or not. The lions are fed a couple of times a week.




I loved our trip to Knowsley and I’m looking forward for the next one, next month.

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    1. It’s really fascinating that they are missing the cars. It was a surprise last year and they are still missing the cars in this lockdown too. I hope this is the last lockdown we have to go through.

  1. Lovely photos, Anca! The relaxed/ or tired camel is a fab shot. How did these cars manage to move away from the monkeys. It must be tricky to navigate around them, so as not to hurt them accidentally.

    1. Aww, thank you. The monkeys are incredibly agile, they jump on and off moving cars, even from a car to another. It’s remarkable to see them and I never heard of any of them being hurt. When they play and run is more noticeable how fast they are.

  2. So glad you were able to visit Knowsley again since I always love your photos from there. I think my favorites from this visit are the lions. They always look so majestic.

    Those monkeys always make me shudder a bit. Glad you opted not to drive through.

    1. I was very excited by our visit to Knowsley, it’s great to be able to see the animals again. I think we will skip the monkey enclosure next month too.

  3. I just love it when you visit this safari park. All your photos are great but I have to say my favorites are the camel! I have never seen a camel laying down. That’s a lot of animal! And the monkeys crawling on the cars… yes, I would have stayed in mine, too! It looks like a fabulous day. I’m so glad you are able to get out a bit more now.

  4. Your trip to Knowsley is giving me all the feels for Longleat, which is down the road from us! We haven’t been able to book until early June due to massive popularity but we can’t wait. You’re right, that camel is beautiful, and I don’t blame you giving the monkeys a miss either 🙂

    1. We are members, so we could book before non-members. We will visit them once a month from now, so being a member is really good for us. I hope you’ll have a lovely time in June and I also look forward to seeing your post about it, if you’ll blog, of course. 🙂

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