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Colourful Smoothie Challenge, next 10 days

In the first Colourful Smoothie Challenge update I set some goals for the next 10 days and it didn’t go as planned. I wanted to make 5 savoury but I did only 2 as I’m not very keen on them. At least, they are more colourful for this update.

11 Blueberries and banana
Day 11: Blueberries and banana

12 Kale and cabbage smoothie
Day 12: Kale and cabbage smoothie. Looks impressive and healthy with more green on top. It wasn’t my favourite (yes, that is a polite way to describe it).

13 Nectarine and plums
Day 13: Nectarine and plums

14 Banana and nectarine
Day 14: Banana and nectarine

15 Kale and spinach
Day 15: Kale and spinach, slightly better, but I think this was the end of my savoury-smoothies endeavor.

16 Blueberries, banana and cardamon
Day 16: Blueberries, banana and cardamon

17 Summer fruits and banana
Day 17: Summer fruits and banana

18 Chocolate and strawberries with chia seeds
Day 18: Chocolate and strawberries with chia seeds

19 Banana and orange smoothie
Day 19: Banana and orange smoothie

No picture for day 20 because I didn’t make the smoothies. I completely forgot about it. I’ll have to redeem myself and make 2 smoothies in one day.

The smoothie challenge is going great, despite the hiccups.

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